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Conversation with Martin!
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  1. Martin zegt:
  2. Hi still online? how was dinner?
  3. engeltje zegt:
  4. Hey, was nice! Also making homework. Wichi reaaaally hate
  5. Martin zegt:
  6. homework ALWAYS sucks, always will always has
  7. Martin zegt:
  8. Hey Desmond, how it it going for you? you ok?
  9. engeltje zegt:
  10. Yes,i'm fine! And you?
  11. Martin zegt:
  12. All ok with you guys ( family and such)? Yeah I am ok, miss Robyn, of course, but things happen hey?
  13. engeltje zegt:
  14. Yeah, i understand. But here things are going well
  15. Martin zegt:
  16. Just stay with the people you are close too, that's what I tell Robyn, but if Roger is cool, then that's super cool...youré very lucky!
  17. engeltje zegt:
  18. Yeah, you're right. Hope for you that you can see her soon. Roger is also doing something in IT here. Systeembeheerder. I'd think you understand it
  19. Martin zegt:
  20. sytem administrator, sounds like you can at least connect somehow? ask him to design your new super computer? haha
  21. engeltje zegt:
  22. Yeah, he's nice. Haha, i shall ask him this weekend  
  23. Martin zegt:
  24. I know he will at least be able to push you, he should do that. you are very talanted, believe me
  25. Martin zegt:
  26. If he doesn't, let me know and I will start pushing you!
  27. Martin zegt:
  28. you are too talented to sit on the sidelines
  29. engeltje zegt:
  30. Thank you  Hope i dont fall when im to pushed ;P
  31. Martin zegt:
  32. you wont fall Desmond, you have the real drive
  33. Martin zegt:
  34. go for it!
  35. Martin zegt:
  36. please, for all the geeks out here haha
  37. engeltje zegt:
  38. Thank you!
  39. engeltje zegt:
  40. Haha  When i see them i'll laugh
  41. Martin zegt:
  42. you have been doing this for ever, it's time you step up as we are all expecting
  43. Martin zegt:
  44. laugh, please laugh, this is the only way to screw them all!
  45. engeltje zegt:
  46. And the best help i have ever got is you Martin. I really thank you SO MUCH!
  47. Martin zegt:
  48. laugh all the way to the bank!
  49. engeltje zegt:
  50. Haha!
  51. Martin zegt:
  52. no problem man, anytime, you deserve it
  53. Martin zegt:
  54. If I can help the furure einstein of the world, then so be it! haha
  55. engeltje zegt:
  56. Thanks! Haha, i think that you are more likely  More life experience and you arent as old as einstein
  57. Martin zegt:
  58. haha, but you will put him to shame, I know it
  59. Martin zegt:
  60. dont sen me a message from mars ok?
  61. Martin zegt:
  62. or proxima 2
  63. engeltje zegt:
  64. Haha  I will send you a message if i ever come there. Or, as i hope, meet you there
  65. Martin zegt:
  66. hey that would be cool, we could discover alien life forms together! just suggest me when they nominate you for the sapce travel ok?
  67. engeltje zegt:
  68. Okay  making future plans makes you become anything you can be
  69. Martin zegt:
  70. hey listen, your mom around? have to send her a secret message about you (good one dont worry)
  71. engeltje zegt:
  72. Yes. she is  but shes watching tv right now. she sais that she comes over 15min.
  73. Martin zegt:
  74. ok then, dont worry good about you, hey I'm really glad your still doing your thing
  75. Martin zegt:
  76. dont stop ok?
  77. engeltje zegt:
  78. Thanks. that line was really bad english from me  I'll promise!
  79. Martin zegt:
  80. hey man, your english is 10 times better than most dutch people I know, very very good!
  81. Martin zegt:
  82. and typing as well!
  83. engeltje zegt:
  84. Another: Thank you  And talking to you only improves it
  85. Martin zegt:
  86. hey I am here for practice!
  87. Martin zegt:
  88. please practice on me! haha
  89. engeltje zegt:
  90. And the best support in the world  
  91. Martin zegt:
  92. haha, Desmond, you deserve it my man, you'll be fine trust me
  93. engeltje zegt:
  94. thanks. if i read in the papers about 5 years from now that Mr. Coeshott has started the best IT company in the world i won't be suprised.
  95. Martin zegt:
  96. haha thanks man, well I will try, then I will hire the best IT person I know.....Desmond, the man who knows everything
  97. Martin zegt:
  98. !
  99. engeltje zegt:
  100. I must have learned it from you, in that cause!
  101. engeltje zegt:
  102. case sorry
  103. engeltje zegt:
  104. Bit lame fromme to say that  her she comes
  105. engeltje zegt:
  106. It's getting worser
  107. Martin zegt:
  108. well I hope I helped haha, ok Desmond, have to go, have to go to Iftar (I know you wil look it up haha) with some comapny that has invited me. Please tell you your mom I have to speak to her? thanks for the great conversation!
  109. Martin zegt:
  110. always great speaking to you
  111. engeltje zegt:
  112. Thanks! Me2  So you can't speak her now?
  113. Martin zegt:
  114. ok, have a few minutes, tv show finished? haha
  115. engeltje zegt:
  116. Yeah she's putting her pyama on she said. I hope for you she's quick
  117. Martin zegt:
  118. haha, ok then, I'll wait no problem
  119. engeltje zegt:
  120. So eating can wait?
  121. Martin zegt:
  122. eating? but u already ate?
  123. Martin zegt:
  124. me,  I have eaten already, made dinner as usual
  125. engeltje zegt:
  126. I dind't mean that  I dind't understand Wikipedia  You are gonna drink Coffee and eating something for Iftar?
  127. engeltje zegt:
  128. Her she is