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  1. Here you can see what you can do by editing pk2 files:
  7. the new skills are from the kSRO client, which was intern used to test new skills and the LegendVI update.
  8. You get that by mixing kSRO with iSRO
  10. The skills were clientside, but to create gold and items was possible... I didnít abuse that because I donít want my real account banned, althought it would have been fun to walk around with 9th degree items :D
  13. I donít think this needs to be fixxed, because I donít think others will do that, because I was working for 7 hours. In the end I had 40-50 sro client. I googled the beta client and translated as good as possible. I needed to change some configs, because I needed to open the console in any way :D
  15. I did the whole thing with a mate. He changed the stuff with Hexeditor, and I changed the configs and googled the beta clients.
  16. I didnít change anything at the client.exe, I only changed the pk2 files and copyed some folders and the configs from kSRO and modified them.