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  1. As you all know, many gather channels did some competitions. After some discussions <img height="12" width="18" src="" alt="" /> <strong>#CS.Gather.DE </strong>is also starting a competition. The competition will begin on the <strong>15th of february</strong> and will end on the <strong>23th of february</strong>.<br />
  2. <br />
  3. There are <strong>3</strong> prizes to win:<br />
  4. <div align="left">
  5. <ol>
  6.     <li>Player with the most points: <strong>5$</strong></li>
  7.     <li>Player with the most gathers played: <strong>5$</strong></li>
  8.     <li>Admin with the most gathers managed: <strong>5$</strong></li>
  9. </ol>
  10. You only need to set your channel to to win one of this great prizes.<br />
  11. Also I want you to remember that all our servers are hosted in <strong>Germany</strong>, so almost everyone can join the competition.<br />
  12. <br />
  13. If you have any questions, please contact <a href="">SiLeNNNt</a> or <a href="">bartjeeuhh</a></div>