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By: Arie | Date: Jun 24 2011 21:46 | Format: None | Expires: never | Size: 863 B | Hits: 4873

  1. Hello and welcome to the new
  3. After 5 years it was time for some upgrades.
  5. - Theres the new Syntax Highlighting, now having the possibility of parsing 200 languages.
  7. - The ability to make a paste public or private; a private paste contains the NOINDEX value in the search meta tags, so it wont be indexed by search engines. Private pastes also won't show up in the listing pages on this website.
  9. - Expiring pastes. If you just want to share a peace of code but don't want it to wander all over the Internet for eternity, make it disappear with a expire setting.
  11. - New URLs. Because ?id=s are guessable and just don't look that nice, pastes now have ids thats build of random characters. Old pastes are redirected to the new ones.
  13. And last but not least, theres the new layout. Nothing fancy, just a few decent css markups who do the job just fine. Together with a few icons and you got yourself a layout.
  15. If you got any feature requests please let me know by clicking the contact link.
  17. Thank you,
  19. Arie