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  1. story 1:
  2. And then there was this time when I was 18 that I was at the A&P shopping late one nite. There was a 16 yo I've seen their before, He offered to help me carry my bags home for a few dollars, talking to him on the way to my house I ask him why he was out so late. Bobby told that he need money since his dad wouldn't give him any and could not find any work. Telling me that his mom ran off 6 months ago. As we were walking I keep looking down at his ass in the tight shorts, he was about 4'11” Blonde hair with a nice tan. When we got there we had a couple of cold beers since it was hot out .
  4. He saw some of my porn books a mixture of straight and gay books, I let him look at them. I could see he was getting a hard on. I told him if he want to jack off that was cool. Well I made sure the blinds were closed up so now one walking buy could see us. He start by rubbing his crotch and I was rubbing my cock at the same time and I just pulled my shorts off and started to stroke my cock well watching him looking at the mags.
  5. It took a little coaching to get him to take out his cock but finely he did we were laying on the bed playing with our selves and I ask him if I could touch him. He just removed his hand and I reach over and started to stock his 5 ½ cock. watching it get thicker he reach over and held my cock in his soft hand moving it slowly back and forth.
  7. I lean over him and just stated to blow on his cock his hand went to my head and he start to push my head down and my mouth open and I let his cock slide in to my mouth. I start to suck on his head my tongue swirling around it poking in to his slit hole, I took all of his cock in my mouth at the same time rubbing his balls. I suck him as hard as I could and with my head bobbing up and down. Licking his shaft, popping his almost hairless balls in my mouth gently sucking on them.
  9. I could feel his balls tighten up as he got ready to shoot his load in my mouth. So I started to rub a finger in his virgin butt hole and before long I had my finger in his ass up to my second knuckle. I started to pump my finger in and out of his ass tasting his precum when he grab both side of my head and start to fuck my mouth as fast as his hips could pump. I slid another finger in his ass and that did it, he blew his wad and filling my mouth with his sweet cum, I swallowed as much as I could the rest dripping down my chin, I pulled my mouth off him and start to jack him off and he kept squirting in to and all over my face finely he stopped and my face was covered in his cum. He had this dreamy look on his young face and with out thinking I leaned over and placed my lips on his sliding my tongue in his mouth. At first he was startled than he kissing me back our tongue intertwining he was tasting his cum for the first time as he sucked on my tongue. Somehow I ended up on my back with both of his knees straddling me with my cock rubbing on his cock.
  11. With one hand on his back, the other on my cock I lined my head with his virgin ass. I slowly pushed his ass down on my cock. When he felt my cock come in contact with his ass. He stopped kissing me and pulled his head up to look at me. I told him to relax and just sit on it, He slowly sat back and as my head enter him. He stopped and got this look on his face, as I grabbed his hips i could feel my cock head at his tight rim i just slowly pumped upward pulling back a bit and pulled him down on to my cock I felt his spinster slide over my cock head as I enter 2 inches in to him, I saw his face griminess's in pain as I enter him. I stopped to let him adjust to my girth. Slowly he began to bounce on my cock as I was filling his hot tight ass and finely his ass cheeks were sitting on my hips. I look up and he had this dreamy look on his face. I just reached up and pulled his head to my and slid my tongue into his mouth kissing him hard and start to pump my hips up and down, his ass was so tight I felt like I was in a vice grip. His ass loosen up and he started to pump his hips riding my cock pulling almost off my cock then plunging back down. I flipped him over to his back and raised his legs over my shoulders and really started to pump my 6 1/2” cock in to him. He stated to pant and scream for me to to fuck his ass “ omg this feel so good fuck my ass please Please fuck me omg don't stop” as I pumped him in long steady strokes his hips trusting to meet my hard cock I started to cum in him filling him with my hot cum. Stroking his cock he started to cum again all over my stomach. When I finished cumming I pulled out of him. He just feel back on the bed soaked in sweat and I fell beside him cuddling to him as I watch him fall asleep in my arms.
  13. story 2:
  14. My wife and I have a long history of sharing our bed with friends. We have had an extra guy or an extra girl and even have had an extra couple. In all of our previous adventures we have always engaged in straight sex, two guys on her, two girls on me, or swapping partners.
  16. I had no reason to believe that this night would be any different.
  18. My friend Rob had come over again. He was spending a lot of time over at our place since his divorce. He knew that he could always count on my wife to fuck his brains silly and that always seemed to make the loneliness that comes after a divorce seem better.
  20. This Saturday night was like many others, we enjoyed a grilled steak and some lazy time swimming in the pool. We always stayed up late drinking and just talking about life, women, and fucking.
  22. I was so comfortable having Rob around that I had no problem when I'd run out to fill our drinks or to use the bathroom and then came back to find my wife down on her knees in front of him sucking his knob.
  24. We talked a lot after any of our sessions with other people and I knew that Rob was one of my wife's favorites. He was about 7 inches, uncut, and thick. I am only 6 inches, circumcised, and a little thinner than Rob. She liked his extra size and the fact that his dick looked different than mine. She always enjoyed holding each in her hand and admiring the differences as she worked back and forth between them.
  26. So today we decided to come inside and play pool and continue our drinking. My wife always wore a low cut blouse when we played and this was no exception. She would accidently bump us with her ass before making a shot, grinding against our cocks so that soon enough our pants were tented.
  28. After teasing us for some time my wife decided to make a bet, that she would suck our dick each time we sunk a ball. So our game got better and my wife got hornier as she took turns sucking down our cocks.
  30. I couldn't stand the intermittent teasing and decided to pick up my wife and carried her to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and slid her skirt up and her panties down. I burried my face between her legs and started licking her clit. She really like having her lips tongued and I had her nice and wet really soon. Rob walked in to the bed room carrying fresh drinks for me and him. I took a long drink and watched him strip and lay next to my wife so she could suck his dick.
  32. I went back to eating her out and watched as she sucked on him and used her hands to massage his balls and finger his ass. He really started pounding her when she stuck a finger in his asshole and I could tell it was turning her on because her pussy got even more wet.
  34. I decided to switch things up, so I lay down on the bed and had her suck my cock while I ate her pussy. She was on all fours and it did not take long before Rob was positioned behind her so that he could stick his cock inside her pussy. She really enjoys getting it doggy style and we often end up fucking her like this but this was the first time that I was down there eating her out when he decided to fuck her.
  36. It turned out to be a great place to watch the show. I could clearly see her lips wrap around his cock as he pushed into her. His dick would glisten as he pulled out before pounding her again. I was having a great time watching, eating pussy, and having my cock sucked. She was moaning on my cock as Rob stuffed her from behind. Rob was really getting into pounding her and started to pick up his pace.
  38. So he keeps pounding her over and over and each time he rams her she swallows my entire length down her throat. Then as he's busy fucking her, he pulls out a little to far and before he realizes he tries to shove his dick back in to her, well her pussy is so wet that he just slides down and shoves his dick between her pussy and my face. He pulls back and reinserts himself into her cunt and pounds away some more. He goes for a little while before slipping out again and smearing my face with pussy juice as his cock is pressed between my wife and my face. Well I think nothing of it and keep licking at her pussy because I can tell that she is getting close to an orgasm. Soon he's fucking her again and slipping out again but this time his dick pauses for a second before he pulls away, he just lets is sit there against my face before slidding it back into my wife.
  40. Now, I'm turned on because I've gotten a good feel of his hot slimy cock on my face. His dick is pulsating and I could see veins protruding out from the sides. I continue to eat my wifes pussy hoping I will get another chance to feel his dick on my face. A little while later my wife begins to come and presses her pussy onto my face, smothering me. I arch my head back to get a little room to breath as she rubs her clit on my chin. Rob slips out of her pussy and plants the head of his cock on my mouth. I don't think about it but before I know it my mouth parts open and my tongues swirls around the head of his cock. I can taste pussy all over it and I like it. I keep licking the head and then feel pressure and Rob pushes into my mouth. I take just a couple of inches and really enjoy the taste of my wife's pussy on his cock. He pulls out of my mouth and sticks his long hard penis back into my wife. He pounds her a few time before shoving his cock back into my mouth, I'm waiting for it this time and let him shove it down my throat. I reach above my head and start to caress his balls. It feels really good to have a long hard cock in my mouth. He pulls out and shoves it in my wife. I lick her pussy as she starts to get back into fucking after having her last orgasm. She starts sucking my cock again and I wait for Rob to slip again. The next time he does so it is very deliberate. He pulls out of her slowly before shoving his cock in my mouth. He says, "Can you taste your wife's pussy on me? She's a slut isn't she?" My wife moans and sucks on my dick a little harder. She pulls my dick out and says, "Cock taste so good doesn't it honey?" I'm a little shocked at how things have progress to this point so quickly, but it doesn't seem abnormal that I've just had a huge cock in my mouth. My wife positions herself on her back and asks us to kneel next to her, one on each side. She hold each of our dicks on either side and tries to stuff both of them in her mouth. The heads of our cocks are poking at each other, his is slick with my wife's pussy juice, mine is wet with her saliva. She looks at me and says, "Yours doesn't taste like pussy" she frowns, "will you stick it in my pussy?" I straddle her in missionary style and shove my cock in her wet pussy. It easily glides in. She turns to Robs cock and begins sucking on him. My face is inches away and I begin to suck on her neck as I fuck her, listening to his cock work in and out of her mouth.
  42. I get the urge to taste his cock again so I work my kisses up from her neck to her cheek. I can feel his dick pushing against her cheek and I lick the outline of his cock head pressed against her cheek. She says, "do you want to help me suck some cock?" I kiss her tasting Rob's cock as I do. He pulls back for a second before shoving his cock between our faces. I quicking my pace as I fuck my wife and help her suck Rob's cock. I put my hand on his shaft and start to jack him off as we take turns licking and sucking the head of his dick. I can feel him getting even harder and pushing more vigorously against our tongues. I jack him faster and shove his dick in my wife's mouth. I lick at the base as she swallows the head. He moans loudly as he starts to cum in her mouth. I pull his cock partly out and shove my tongue in to get a taste. He finishes coming into both of our mouths and the hot cum in my mouth sends me over the edge and I too start cumming. Ropes of cum shoot inside her pussy.
  44. We take turns licking Robs dick clean. I feel fully satisfied and eager to suck him some more next time he drops in for a visit.
  46. story 3:
  47. It was the first day of spring after a brutally cold and dark winter. Guys and girls were wearing less today than they had for the last four months which was fine by me. Only a tee shirt and jeans sufficed on this bright and sunny day.
  49. Even though I wanted to just hang out in the sun, I had to go grocery shopping and to this day I am glad I did.
  51. While mulling around the aisles I noticed a slim twenty something guy wearing tight cycling pants and shirt. The bulge in his pants was so pronounced that I could tell his doctor was skillful with the scalpel. Noticing that he had a shopping cart full of stuff, I quipped “You gonna have quite a time loading that on your bicycle!”
  53. He looked perplexed and said, “Oh crap, this is the first day out with my bike and must be brain dead today! Guess I’ll have to put everything back.”
  55. “Why don’t I help you out? You must not live far from here if you biked,” I said.
  57. “Well, that would be great!! I don’t want to put you out.”
  59. “No problem, I have the day off and would love to.”
  61. So, we checked out and loaded up my car. I followed him as he skillfully maneuvered to his apartment building only a few blocks away; looking at his splendid little ass all the way.
  63. We started taking things out of my car when he said, “the elevator’s broken and I live on the sixth floor. You can leave everything on the landing and I’ll get it in a couple of trips.”
  65. “Don’t be crazy, I can hump it.” Maybe that was some sort of slip, but he didn’t say anything and only smiled.
  67. After six long flights, he seemed none the worst for wear, but I was a little winded and sweaty.
  69. “Whew, after four months of hibernating, I need to get back in shape,” I laughed.
  71. We entered his small apartment and dropped off the groceries and he said, “you are all hot and sweaty now, you really should shower up before going back out” and he proceeded to lead me to his bathroom. “There it is, go to it,” he said without leaving the room. “I need one too, so we might as well save some water” as he took off his shirt revealing a smooth hairless hard chest and stomach.
  73. “Don’t be shy,” as he tugged out my shirt from my pants. His bulge appeared to be growing larger and I could feel my zipper starting to get strained too. His cock head was definitely becoming more defined in those skin tights. I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor next to his. I stared in his deep blue eyes while his hands found my belt buckle and expertly released it. He went lower and gently rubbed my now fully erect manhood through my jeans. Without leaving my gaze, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans freeing my throbbing cock from its restraints. He showed no surprise that I wasn’t wearing underwear, “I don’t wear any either,” he whispered. He now proceeded to literally peel his pants off his gorgeous physique. His huge cock came popping out with a vengeance as if gasping for air. Totally naked now, he also was totally hairless from the neck down. “Cuts down of the wind resistance,” he winked. I too, have a bald cock and balls and he gazed down approvingly.
  75. “Let’s jump in.” It was a bathtub shower combo and easily fit both of us and our fully erect cocks. He turned on the hot water and it flowed though the hose to the hand held head. Taking a bottle of body wash, he lathered me up paying special attention to my smooth ass and hole. His skillful fingers rubbed and stroked my hard cock and hanging balls and then made their way to my eager asshole. One, two and then three soaped up fingers went up my asshole; in and out, in and out. His thick long cock was now teasing my ass. He was rubbing it all over my ass and touching his head to my asshole. Then his cock stopped at my asshole and starting pressing in. Very slowly he pushed bringing me almost to the cumming point. His large wet head penetrated my smooth tight asshole and I moaned in pleasure and a little delightful pain. I have never had this big of a cock up my asshole. It felt like he was putting in a can of coke! Once his head was inside my eager wet asshole, he slowly started sliding in his long ten inch shaft. Having that massive cock inside me was making my head spin and my cock ready to burst. Then he started pumping my asshole harder and faster, his balls banging against mine. His stamina was as long as his long cock and he kept pumping and pumping my tight smooth hole. After what seemed like an eternity in one sense and not long enough in another, he moaned in delight and I could feel a bucket of his hot load shoot deep into the bowels of my ass.
  77. He kept his rock hard cock in my ass for another minute or two and then slowly pulled out. Then he cupped his hand under my balls while I squeezed some of his hot cum out of my asshole. He brought up the white spew and he and I licked his hand clean of his tasty cock juice.
  79. I don’t know how I lasted this long without exploding my meager seven inch wood, but it wasn’t going to last much longer and we both knew it. He bent over revealing his firm ass cheeks and lovely shaved hole. My target was set. Not wanting to wait around a seemingly wanting it hard and fast, he took my cock and guided it to his waiting asshole. Then he pushed backward forcing my entire cock up his wet asshole quickly and hard. “Fuck me hard!”, he screamed and I willingly did so. I did not have his long stamina or long shaft but held my own and after a good time, my balls tightened and my cock exploded into his fabulous asshole with multiple spurts of delight. Not leaving anything to waste, he squeezed out my cock juice from his asshole and we both ate it with pleasure.
  81. I still see him sometimes shopping and occasionally we have a quickie, but I will never forget that first fuck with him.
  83. story 4:
  84. So it was one of those days.  Five O’ Clock rolls around and it’s time to head home.  Not a minute has passed all day without some sexual though on my mind.
  86. The previous day I purchased a new life like 8” dildo! Just the site of this thing had my mouth watering and my dick leaking pre cum. unfortunately when I got home I had no more lube.  So I figured I’d grab some after work the next day.
  88. On the way home I stopped at the rite aid down the street from my apartment to pick up this essential item.  I walk to the isle these things are kept and there was another man who was also in search of a good lube. He was tall, about 6’2”, nice tan skin, short black hair and green eyes.  He was wearing a snug polo shirt that really accentuated his sculpted firm pecks and buff arms.  The first thought to run through my head was to walk up to him and slide my hand between his legs. Maybe if I were more adventurous. Besides the fact he might be buying the lube to break in his girlfriend/wife’s ass. Either way I kept to myself as usual.
  90. I walked up to the rack next to him and grabbed a bottle of astroglide and KY Jelly. As I selected my items I noticed him glance over at me and give me the once over. I figured he was thinking,  “What the hell does this guy need with 2 bottles of lube.” I walked to the front of the store to checkout. The fine Italian gentleman was close behind. I paid for my items and returned to my car. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw him again in the car behind me. I didn’t think anything of it until he followed me right into my parking lot. I know I hadn’t seen this man before. I defiantly would have fantasized about him on more than one occasion.
  92. I grabbed my things and headed inside. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I already had a suspicion, but I never would have foreseen what happened. I answered the door. It was him! This man followed me all the way home from rite aid and knocked on my door. Before I could even open my mouth I noticed his fly was open and his dick was poking out for some air. He looked at me and said “Let's put that lube to good use.” My jaw dropped to the ground. I already had half a hardon from thinking about this guy pounding my ass.
  94.  I was still dumbfounded when he invited himself in and walked straight to my bedroom. Quickly coming to grasps with what was happening I followed eagerly behind him. He noticed the dildo sitting on my bed waiting for me. “We won’t be needing this” he said as he tossed it aside. “Take off your pants” he ordered. Still being half in shock I quickly complied. I pulled of my shirt and dropped my pants to the floor. My still growing cock was peeking through the front of my boxers.
  95. . “Nice” he said, eyeing my cock and nice round ass.
  97. He stripped off his shirt exposing his statuesque form. Large firm pecks, cobblestone abs and muscular biceps. His pants fell to the floor exposing the rest his growing dick. It was about 9.5 inches long and thick enough to fill anything it needed to. It had a very well defined head, like a large helmet, atop an almost perfectly straight shaft.  His pubic hair was manscaped into a nice patch. He pulled me close to him and slid his hands down to my soft round ass. I ran my hands across his granite like body, feeling every ripple.  “Get on your knees” he requested. Without any instruction I knelt down in front of him
  99. wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and slid the head into my mouth. I slowly ran my tongue around the outline of his dick head while firmly gripping his shaft. I slowly slid his dick between my lips and down my throat as far as I could. He began to pump his hips pushing his dick into my mouth.  I continued to work his dick down my throat, my tongue massaging the underside of his dick head with every thrust, until he pulled it away. He took his dick in his hand and slapped me across the face with it. “Stand up” he barked. Just as I got back to my feet he took me and through me face down on the bed. I moved to the middle of the bed and got on all fours awaiting what he had in store next. My asshole quivered as I heard him take the lube out of the package and rub some on his now throbbing dick.
  100. He got on his knees behind me and slowly pushed the head of his dick into the crack of my ass. He squirted a little lube on my asshole before pushing into me. I let out a deep moan as he penetrated my ass. It was just the head at first. This alone was enough to make my legs feel weak. He slid deeper into my asshole with each stroke until he had all 9 inches buried deep inside me. I began to moan louder as he steadily fucked my ass. All of the sudden he pulled out. Before I could ask what happened he rammed it all the way in. Again he did it. Slowing pulling his member all the way out before plunging back in so hard the headboard banged against the wall. Each time he re-penetrated my asshole a wave of intense pleasure came over me.
  102. After a minute or so he built back up to a strong steady stroke. I could feel his thrust getting faster by the minute. Drowning in pleasure I was quickly brought back to the moment with a hard slap on my ass. I yelped. He smacked my ass again. Each trust grew faster and stronger. He fucked my ass so hard my arms gave out, burring my face in a pillow. He continued to pound my ass relentlessly. I was overcome with ecstasy I lost control of the majority of my muscles. I was now laying face buried in a pillow on my bed, only my ass poking up in the air slightly to accommodate his fucking. I could feel his solid arms wrapped round my chest. His right hand fondling and pinching my nipple. His pace increased again. We were now both rocking violently back and forth in the bed.  
  103. His hand continued to play with my nipple and squeeze my chest.  The feeling of his pulsating dick filling my asshole and the friction of my dick against the bed brought me right to the edge of splurging.
  105. “Fuck me harder, Fuck that tight ass” I yelled.  Still moaning and grunting each time he pumped his dick into my ass.
  106. Every stroke he took brought me closer and closer. He buried his dick deeper in my ass fucking me faster and faster.
  107. “Oh Fuck, I’m going to cum” I screamed.
  109. Hearing this only motivated him to fuck me more violently.
  111. Wave after wave of gratification rushed through my body as I reached my peak. My dick, pressed between my stomach and the bed, oozed out a load of hot creamy cum. My stomach and the sheets were now smeared with cum as he continued to pound my ass. Every stroke prolonged my orgasm, my dick now well lubricated rubbing against my stomach.  It wasn’t long before I felt his dick swell with anticipation.
  112. His trusts grew faster and more erratic.
  114. “Fuck yes, I’m gonna cum in your ass” he blurted out as his dick started to pulse shooting his load of thick hot cum in my ass. He continued to fuck my ass as he pumped it full of cream. His strokes started to shorten and stop.
  115. He collapsed on top of me the tip of his dick still in my ass. I pushed my ass up against his hips taunting is spent cock. His dick slipped out of my ass. I felt a stream of his hot load trickle out of my ass and down my thigh. The warm sticky feeling let me know he was satisfied. A sign of his appreciation is how I saw it.
  116. We both laid on the bed collapsed in a pool of cum. I felt his dick between my thighs. Slowly working it between them.  He pushed his dick down between my cum soaked thighs. It wasn’t long before he was ready to go again. He got up and I rolled onto my back. I lifted my legs in the air and spread them showing him my asshole still dripping with cum. He took my legs and held them over his shoulders and entered my ass. In and out he pumped his dick. I grabbed my legs and pulled them back to my head.
  118. He leaned forward pushing deeper into my ass. I moan almost uncontrollably as he fucks my ass pushing deeper and deeper.  He is now leaning over me in missionary position with me holding my legs high in the air. I feel his hot breath on my neck. His dick pounding away. He leans and whispers in my ear, “This next one is gonna be messy.” To overwhelmed to pleasure to think about what that meant I begged him to fuck my faster and hard. He increased pace thrusting harder and faster. I squeezed his dick with my ass on every stroke. The increased tightness put him over the edge. He pulled his dick out of my ass and knelt over me.  Gripping his dick tightly he pointed it at face.  I opened my mouth in time to catch the first spray of thick cum.
  120. He jerked his hand up and down his shaft spraying out a load of hot cream with every stroke. The second landed on my left cheek and running down my neck. The third and fourth landed in my mouth with the final 2 dripping out onto my lips and chin. My face now fully covered in cum. I swallowed what has already pooled in my mouth.  I grabbed his dick and ran it across my face smearing the cum all around. I take his dick into the back of my throat to milk out every last drop. I ran my fingers across my cheek hoping to collect the rest of his spilled load. After licking every finger dry I thanked him. Not a moment would pass before he was dressed and walking out the door.
  121. “Wait, what is your name…” I called out as the front door closed behind him.  I lay in bed still covered with man love wondering who that man was, and if I’d ever see him again.