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  1. Good day dear members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands,
  3. Thank u for your time and interest during the last days.
  5. Included you will find our latest letter to Harry Paul, the General Manager of the COA. And for those among you which have not received the remaining correspondence we send the productions again. These productions may speak for themselves.
  6. .
  8. Anyway, the end result is that talks with the COA got stuck and that we consider a preliminary injuction about which merit should prevail; our medical confidentiality either this or that the WBP on which the COA is appealing.
  10. We are treating MD's and want to be granted the opportunity to follow our patients as well as transfer those in an accurate manner. But as long as the CGA, as expressed by the MOA, those involved from the refugee camps informs they have no right to medical care and that they have to wait, in case of urgent health complaints til after June 15, there is no question, there can be no serious intention to an appropriate transfer, hence neither of proper medical care.
  12. Last night we experienced again the same typical examples with patients inside the AZC whose complaints are somatic as well as psychological, generated by the CGA. People simply get to hear that they will have to  wait til June 15 and do not get further access to health care. But after June 15, these people will be deported or vanish into illegality.
  14. Yesterday night, we again send a letter the management of the COA, in which we again expressed our disgruntlement about the situation very clearly. Also that we will put no more efforts in any talks with the COA for after 7 days of negotiations we did not proceed a single step forward and we can dedicate our time in a better way to our patients which we try to trace individual and for which the CGA has no ears.
  16. It is saddening that so much days of talking can lead to such a minimal result. So much bureaucracy and so many incompetent managers who, on one hand, are not well informed about medical issues about which they need to decide and on the other hands not work very hard nor  pragmatic towards a solution.
  18. Outside our medical competences and working field we of course do speak with people about more issues and have we build up trust.
  20. *That's why we encountered the following*;
  22. We tell you this in good confidence in order that such will not have any negative repercussions for the involved in the AZC's and VBL's, and we have received the consent of some Iraqi people to report this to you. The problem for these people is that they have exhausted their legal possibilities of appeal and in most of the cases do not have nor get any legal support anymore due to the restriction of movement (they are not allowed to leave the area of the community in which the AZC or the VBL is located en several people saw their cellphones being confiscated) as a result of which, in case they still have a lawyer they are not able to visit him/her.. A similar problem occurs in case of visiting a hospital after our referral but this aside.
  24. There exist in Iraq at this moment at least about twenty website, of which some are clearly affiliated to the current regime, on which are posted lists of people with are mentioned with name and surname. From people who on return in the country, are threatened and as is stated, those people do well better not to show up. Otherwise they could meet the same fate which many already have undergone; namely that their lives will be insecure and they will be "cut down to size over night". A so called hit-list. It concerns websites in Arabic. On these list a considerable amount of people from Iraq are mentioned, of which our government has declared that they will not be in any danger on return. However, the recent history taught us that some of the people at these lists (on return) have lost their lives in Iraq.
  26. In several talks in the AZC's we have taken notices of such.
  27. I have seen a few examples at such websites. At first we were thinking that the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Authorities) would know this and that the IND at least would have 'googled' a name in the original language.
  29. Unfortunately it seems that in none of the cases in which we noticed such and have seen this  no where this reoccurs in the procedure for asylum, which astonishes us. For this we assume that the IND did not investigate this, otherwise it would have been mentioned in the asylum procedure.
  31. We will present this today to a lawyer to consult if this might still  be of any legal importance. It has nothing to do with our work, also assuming such would have been investigated a long time ago already. However, now this not seems to be the case, we of course can not remain silent in this. And we asked several involved for their consent which they granted us as far as possible anonymous, to notice you. It seems to us it should not be very difficult for the IND the lists which they possess c.q. to google those people (in Arabic of course) and to interview them individually of such applies on them and than to investigate such directly.
  33. These lists of names as mentioned before could also be present at the airports in Iraq. We can not verify this of course.
  35. What we could verify is the existence of websites which we if desired can send to you by for example a tangible case of an Iraqi concerned who was brought from the tent camp to a AZC, with all details and if desired also to all honor and consciences translated into English. This with consent of the person involved.
  37. Dit of course, has nothing to do with our current care regarding the medical care in the Netherlands, but for the involved refugees who exhausted the legal tracks such is defenitly (life) threatening and u can imagine how the we state of mind of these people will be.
  39. We appeal to you, to dedicate your attention also to this matter and maybe would be willing to request the Minister to investigate this thoroughly before these people will be put under more pressure to return "voluntarily" to their "safe" country of origin.
  41. For further information we are within reach for you between our regular work and we can document this furthermore with a tangible example.
  43. With kindest regards,
  45. E.S. Bonsen
  46. MD Tent Camp Ter Apel