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  1. ‘Free’ consent means a voluntary decision, by
  2. an individual in possession of all of his
  3. faculties, taken in the absence
  4. of coercion of any kind, be it so
  5. cial, financial, psychological or
  6. other. Any consent given under the threat of
  7. non-treatment or lower quality treatment in a
  8. medical situation cannot be consid
  9. ered as ‘free’. Consent given
  10. by a data subject who has not
  11. had the opportunity to make a genuine choice or
  12. has been presented with a fait accompli
  13. cannot be considered to be valid. The indivi
  14. dual data subject has a genuine free choice and
  15. must be subsequently able to withdr
  16. aw the consent without detriment.