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Antwerp Aces snare stryker
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  1. Antwerp Aces snare stryker
  3. The Belgian team, previously known as Rodcad Gaming, had their last international appearance at DreamHack Winter, where a draw with Begrip earned them a spot in the playoffs before exiting the competition at the hands of fnatic
  5. Colyn which was included in the team ClanBase NationsCup Belgium will take his position Jannick "Duncan" The Thaeyes
  7.              "There were some internal discussions between Duncan and the team, and his motivation to keep practicing was gone," Felix "nunji" van de Put told "stryker was the best option, he is a pretty new and really talented player who is really motivated."
  10. Aces Antwerp are looking to compete in GameGune tournament to be held this summer in Bilbao.
  12. This move leaves Antwerp Aces as:
  14. -    Dries "ciseta" van Houdt
  15. -    Fréderic "Monu" Dewever
  16. -    Jules "nookbrid" Wydoodt
  17. -    Felix "nunji" van de Put
  18. -    Tom "stryker" Colyn