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  1. Cho's eyes fluttered open as she sat up in bed. She was so sore again, and she could smell the aroma of sex in her bed. Her legs were tangled in the silky white sheets, her tan complexion looking even more radiant.
  3. She looked over and saw Harry next to her. His black bangs flowed across his forehead in a disshelved yet attractive way. His torso was exposed; his fine toned muscles and smooth abs. His trophy for all the Quidditch practice he endured.
  5. She rolled on top of him in bed, kissed him gently on the lips. His eyes flashed open and he smiled and kissed her back. "Good morning beautiful," he whispered when the kiss broke.
  7. She smiled, but felt a pang of guilt in her. Poor Ginny. Her boyfriend was off sleeping with another girl behind Gin's back.
  8. Cho rolled off Harry and sat up.
  9. "What's wrong babe?" He asked, his hand traveling to her thigh. She got up from the bed, and slid on her thong. She quickly pulled her bra back on and quickly threw on her red kimono robe.
  11. "Harry listen...these past two nights with you have been really great. I love you so much, and every moment I spend with you I feel so alive and perfect. But you can't keep doing this to Ginny. I can't keep doing this to Ginny. She's one of my friends...and look at me, I'm here behind her back sleeping with her guy. I'm such a horrible person!" Cho cried, her eyes watering up.
  13. "Shh don't cry Cho. You're not a horrible person. It takes two people to do what we did. It's as much my fault as it is yours. Damn...I hate having to choose between you in Ginny. I love you both so much," Harry explained as he sat up in bed. Cho looked away as he pulled the sheets off and pulled on his boxers.
  15. "Harry, go to her. You have to be faithful to her. She's your girlfriend...You owe her that much," Cho reasoned, sitting down at the end of the bed. "God, I hate giving you up Harry. I care about you so much. But we can't keep doing this. It isn't right. Please, just leave. Go find Ginny and fix things with her. I'm not going to be the person that stands in the way of your relationship."
  17. A few tears escaped her eyes which she quickly brushed away, not wanting Harry to feel sympathetic.
  19. Harry pulled on his jeans and Quidditch shirt. "Yeah I know. I will go find Gin and fix things with her. At least I'll try to. But Cho, oh god, I can't imagine never sleeping with you again. You're so amazing at everything."
  21. "Maybe one day we can again. But not now. Not when you're dating Ginny. It's not right. Let's just forget it happened and move on with our lives," Cho insisted and got up. She walked over to the door and opened it.
  23. Harry headed to the door reluctantly. Right as he got there, he locked eyes with her. Her chocolate eyes looked even more lucious than usual. Her gave her a long passionate kiss goodbye and left to go find Ginny.
  24. _______________________________________________________
  26. Sunlight pounded onto Ron's head.
  27. He groggily woke up, his head throbbing. His eyes darted to the floor where he saw an entire handle of Firewhiskey completely empty. He looked at the collect of used shotglasses that were littered around it.
  28. What the fuck happened last night?
  30. He heard a little sigh next to him in bed.
  31. He slowly turned over.
  32. Next to him, naked, was his baby sister.
  33. Ginny.
  34. Her fire red hair was askew but in a sexy way. He watched momentarily as her chest rose and fell with every inhale and exhale. He could see the outline of her tits underneath the sheets.
  35. I fucked my little sister last night...How drunk was I?!
  36. Ginny, as if sensing him watching her, suddenly woke up. She basically had the same reaction as he did. Her eyes discovered the empty bottle on the ground, the shotglasses, and her head was pounding from the massive hangover.
  38. "Ginny...what did we do last night?" Ron asked, hoping that maybe it wasn't how it looked.
  39. "Oh god...we had sex! OH MY GOD!" Ginny shrieked, covering herself up. "How did this happen?"
  40. "I can't remember. But I do recall loving every minute of it," Ron admitted, blushing.
  41. Ginny blinked a little bit, and then suddenly her eyes lit up. "Oh my god, yes I remember how much I enjoyed it too. God especially when you put that golden snitch in my pussy. Oh Ron that was so amazing. I have never orgasmed before so many times in my life."
  43. Ron quickly kissed her on the lips. He pulled away, waiting for her reaction. She lunged onto him, kissing him deeper and more passionately than Ron did.
  44. She climbed on top of Ron, kissing him and running her hands along his chest. She felt his erection poking at her pussy. She purred as she let it slip in.
  45. Ron forgot his morals. He forgot that this was his baby sister who was riding his cock. All he knew was that he wanted it. He wanted it so badly.
  46. She was quickly bouncing up and down on his shaft, moaning with every thrust.
  47. "Oh yes Ron. YES RON!" She cried as he began to thrust under her, pushing his thick cock up further into her tight cunt. "That's right Ron. Fuck your little sister. Oh YEAH!"
  49. The door flew open.
  50. Fred and George, smirking yet again.
  51. "Well isn't this just wonderful? The entire Weasley family has commited incest now," George chuckled as he closed the door.
  52. Ginny immediatly stopped bouncing on Ron's cock and froze.
  53. "What do you mean the entire family?" Ron asked. "Who have you fucked in our family? Don't tell me you fucked Mum!"
  54. "No no no, she's too old," Fred laughed. "We fucked the same cunt that you're fucking right now."
  55. "You had sex with Fred and George?!" Ron asked Ginny in shock.
  56. "I had to! They blackmailed me when they caught me and Harry fucking," Ginny explained as she tried to lift herself off Ron's cock, but he held her down on him.
  58. "May we join you? Fred, you can have her ass. That's the tightest hole on her. I got it last time. I'm gonna take that sweet little mouth of hers," George plotted.
  60. Ginny's eyes widened in fear.
  61. Three guys in her at the same time?
  62. She wasn't ready for this...
  64. Fred and George quickly stripped and joined Ron and Ginny in bed.
  66. "You're gonna be real sore real soon, baby sis," George warned her with an evil look in his eye...
  67. ______________________________________________________
  69. Draco woke up quickly from his dream. The first thing he noticed was Hermione naked next to him. Her tits were exposed but the rest of her was covered in his black silk sheets. Her nipples were hard, probably from the cold draft of the castle.
  70. Her hair gently flowed across the pillow. It was soft and shiny, just how Draco liked. He leaned over to his goddess and gently kissed her. She purred, but remained asleep.
  72. He kissed down her neck til he took a tit in his mouth and sucked. His tongue danced over the hard nipple. She shuddered and subconciously opened her legs. Draco knew heat was building inside her.
  73. He kissed and licked down her tight tummy all the way til he got to her smooth shaved pussy.
  74. He stuck a finger inside her, sliding it up as far as it could go. She cried out and woke up as he added a second finger.
  75. "Mmmm Draco," she exclaimed as he added a third finger. He kissed her roughly on the lips. "I want you Draco," she breathed when he broke the kiss.
  76. Draco smirked and posistioned himself on top of her. He fucked her gently at first, since she had just woken up and HAD to be sore from last night.
  78. She was moaning and purring loudly as he continued to fuck her. She begged for him to go faster, to pound her harder, and he was more than happy to do so.
  80. His massive cock dipped deeply into her every time, making her tremble with ecstacy. It wasn't long before he cummed in her hole, drenching her insides with his seed. She squealed as she felt the cum fill her up and leaned up to kiss him.
  82. "I want to fuck you every day Draco. I want your cock in me every night. You make me feel so good," she confessed.
  83. He kissed her and said "Baby, you can have this cock whenever you want it." With that, he flipped her over so she was laying stomach down on the bed with her ass in the air. Draco got on his knees and posistioned his cock at the entrance of her ass.
  85. He shoved in hard and without mercy. She screamed at first, much like she did with the dildo he had shoved up her ass last night. She began to sob at its huge size, much larger than the dildo had been. The pain was excruciating. She felt like she was being pulled apart from the inside. She cried as he began to shove in and out of her. Her sobs quickly turned to moans as she adjusted to the huge cock in her ass.
  87. "Oh yes!" She found herself begging for more. It was really getting her horny, having him fuck her in the ass. She felt the heat between her legs once again. Moments later she orgasmed. Her juices poured out of her pussy and dripped down her legs, making her whole body look shiny and juicy.
  89. Draco pounded into her ass, grunting as he stretched her tight ass. It felt so hot and wet that he could barely contain himself. Her ass was grasping onto his cock, almost squeezing it with every thrust. He burst inside her ass, filling that hole up too with his creamy cum.
  91. Hermione was still moaning when he flipped her over again. She loved how he was rough with her, but not too rough. It was just enough to turn her on and make her want more.
  93. "Only one hole to go, baby," he smirked. She smiled and sat up. Draco laid down, his throbbing shaft standing straight up. She saw the vein pulsing on the lower end of his cock. It looked so big and so thick. She got wet at the thought of him in her mouth. She seductively climbed on top of him and lowered her mouth down to his ballsack.
  95. She took one of his balls into her mouth, drenching it with her saliva and gently tugging on it just to get him excited. She felt him shudder as she licked the ball and then switched to the other one. "Ohhh yes Hermione. No other girl has ever done that before. It feels so good!" Draco urged as she took the other ball into her mouth and tugged ever so sweetly.
  97. Once she was finished with the foreplay, she licked up his shaft slowly. She felt the pulsing vein with her tongue, paid special attention to it. He moaned with her every lick. Hermione was an expert at giving BJs.
  99. She took the whole end of his tip into her mouth, slipping her tongue in between his navel. He gasped as she ran her tongue over the crown of his cock. She slowly inched down on his cock, taking more and more into her awaiting mouth. Draco felt the heat building in his cock but desperatly wanted to hold on. She was nowhere near finished.
  101. In a frenzy of pleasure, he grabbed the sides of her head and quickly pushed Hermione's mouth down further on his cock. She was prepared for this and quickly swallowed all of it. Her breathing increased as she sucked down another two inches. She now had eight inches in her mouth and she was ready for more.
  103. Finally she took him all the way down, all of it in her mouth, deep throating him. She swirled her tongue along the top of his cock and let her teeth gently scrape the shaft. He bucked his hips against her tender mouth and instantly cummed down her throat. She slurped it all up like a pro.
  104. Not a single drop fell out.
  105. It took her awhile to swallow the amount of cum he released, but once she did, she licked her lips and kissed him.
  106. "So, hows it feel to have cum in all your holes, baby?" He asked as he gently nipped her neck.
  107. "Amazing." She sighed dreamily. "We are sooo doing this again."
  108. "Agreed."
  109. ______________________________________________________
  111. Harry hurried in his dorm room. He took a shower and changed clothes to erase any sex smell that may have lingered on him from his time with Cho.
  112. He headed down to the common room, ready to begin looking for Ginny.
  113. When he got down there he saw Luna Lovegood reading a magazine. She was reclined on one of the sofas. Her skirt barely reached the top of her thigh, exposing a lot of her toned legs. A few more inches and he would've been able to see her pussy.
  114. Luna had also developed some admirable breasts. She was only two years younger than him after all. And heck, she looked pretty good.
  116. Ever since she had gotten rid of her horrid glasses and actually learned how to use eyeliner, Luna had become one of the most desired Gryffindor catches.
  117. "Hey Luna, have you seen Ginny?" He asked casually, trying not to stare at her amazing body.
  118. "Umm I think she's in her room. You could look there," Luna figured, shifting a bit on the sofa. She revealed her thong accidentally, and Harry had no intention on telling her that she was exposing herself to him.
  119. She had a dark pink thong on, clearly one from Victoria's Secret.
  121. Harry wanted so bad to just go over to her and pull off her thong and fuck her but he shook the thought out of his head.
  122. He had to find Ginny.
  123. He coughed to try to break the sexual tension, "Um thanks. I'll see ya later Luna," Harry said and dashed off to the girls dorm wing.
  124. Luna smiled to herself, aware that Harry had been drooling over her.
  126. Harry headed up to her room and quietly knocked on her door and opened it.
  127. His jaw dropped.
  128. His girlfriend...was being fucked by 3 guys.
  129. And all of them were her brothers!
  131. Ginny was spread wide open with Ron fucking her pussy, Fred slamming into her ass, and George thrusting himself into her mouth.
  132. He had to admit it looked sooo hot seeing her spread like that...but still!
  134. "GINNY what the fuck are you doing?!" Harry yelled and slammed the door.
  135. Ginny gasped. Ron pulled out of her pussy, Fred and George both quickly withdrew too.
  136. "You left me last night Harry. I got drunk...I did some stupid shit with Ron. You couldn't expect me to wait for you when you most likely were off fucking another girl," Ginny defended herself.
  137. This hit Harry hard.
  138. "I wasn't fucking another girl," he lied. "I had to go to an emergency meeting at Order of Pheonix headquarters. God Ginny you are such a slut. Three guys? All of them are your brothers!"
  140. Harry turned to Ron. "And Hermione was looking for you last night Ron! And here you are, fucking your little sister?" Harry yelled, unaware of where Hermione had gone after he had left her.
  142. "Hermione never came last night. She was out all night, and I doubt she's back now. God knows what she's doing..." Ron explained as he covered himself up.
  143. "You won't put out for Hermione, but you will for your sister?" He shot back. "That's sick!"
  144. "Last night was the first time I ever did it with anyone. Ginny was there for me. I was drunk and she got pretty liquored up too. And we had an amazing time. Why is it so weird? She's fucked George and Fred before. You knew about that and you didn't care!" Ron argued.
  146. "This is different. Ginny, we're over. God you are such a fucking slut. I should have never trusted you," Harry yelled.
  147. Ginny said nothing but pulled on her robe.
  148. Harry looked at them all in disgust and turned to leave. Ginny hopped out of bed and ran after him.
  149. "Please Harry, I'm sorry. I just...I don't know. I was drunk and sad and Ron made me feel better."
  150. "And Fred and George? Did they make you feel better too?" Harry spat bitterly.
  151. Ginny said nothing but sobbed.
  152. "Please Harry let me explain-" she began and tugged on his arm to stop him from leaving.
  153. He looked at her with such rage in his eyes.
  154. "THREE GUYS GINNY? How can you possibly explain that in a way that doesn't make you a complete and total cum guzzling whore?" Harry said and slapped her across the face. She fell to the ground in tears. "I'm done with you Ginny. You can go back to your men. Have fun with them."
  156. Ron, Fred, and George watched in total silence as Harry stormed out of the room. Ginny was sobbing and shaking on the floor. After a few minutes of total silence, she got up, dried her tears and locked the door. She walked back over to the bed and dropped her robe.
  158. "Gin...don't you want to fix things with Harry?" Fred asked as he watched his little sister climb back into bed with them.
  159. "He said he's done with me. I'm not going to try to make up for what I did. I don't regret what I've done. And I plan to do it again. He's right. I am a whore. I love cocks in me. I don't care who's or how many. I love fucking. And if he can't handle that, then he doesn't deseve me." Ginny said, cracking a smile.
  161. The boys' faces lit up.
  162. "Now fuck me, all of you. Fuck me hard." She said and spread herself for them yet again.
  163. And they did.
  164. _____________________________________________________
  166. Cho was quietly crying in her room. She was laying on her bed, trying to remember the amazing night she had with Harry. She wanted him so badly.
  167. There was a knock at her door. She dried her eyes, though they still remained watery, and headed to the door in nothing but her red kimono robe.
  168. She opened it slowly.
  169. "Harry? What are you doing here?" Cho asked in surprise as the man of her dreams entered her room.
  170. All he did was shove her against the wall and kiss her deeply.
  171. "We can't Harry. I won't. I refuse to hurt Ginny like this again," Cho asserted as she pushed him off her.
  172. "I went to Ginny like you told me, Cho," Harry explained. "She was fucking three guys. All of them her brothers!"
  173. Cho's face turned to shock.
  174. "There's nothing standing in the way of us. I broke up with her. I'm done with that slut. I only want you, Cho." He finished, kissing her again. This time she submit herself completely to him. She closed and locked the door quickly.
  175. Harry was aggressive with her, not like he usually was. She realized this probably because he was so furious at Ginny still.
  177. He pushed her roughly onto the bed. His fierce moves got her excited. He tore off her robe in a swift motion. Her tits popped out and she moaned as he took one into his mouth.
  179. "Ohhh. Please fuck me Harry," she begged as he sucked on her tit.
  180. "Believe me, I will."
  181. He hastily pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. She was rubbing her pussy, getting her juices flowing as she waited for him to undress.
  183. Cho felt something at her pussy and she groaned with delight as she felt it entire. She looked down to see what Harry was sticking in her and squealed when she saw it was her broomstick.
  185. "Oh god Harry!" She cried as he continued to push more and more of the broom into her. She felt it touch every corner of her pussy. The broom slid in with ease and her pussy milked the edges of the stick. She was crying out in delight as he pulled it almost all the way out and roughly slammed it into her again.
  186. "YES HARRY YES YES YES!" She screamed as he kept thrusting the broomstick into her. It only took seconds for her to orgasm and collapse from the momentous pleasure.
  188. He pulled it out slowly, letting her enjoy the feeling of it brushing against her entrance and went down on her. He licked up all the juice leaking out of her.
  190. "Ready to be fucked, Cho?" Harry asked.
  191. She nodded, craving his cock.
  192. And Harry was happy to give it to her...