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  1. Demmink case
  3. Joris Demmink (secretary general of the justice department, highest ranking officer) has been accused several times of child abuse. 4 Victims have come forward and they have all been labeled unreliable by the police.
  4. First victim who came forward was in the middle of giving his statement when already a press release was given that he was lying and getting paid by a journalist who still categorically denies that.
  6. In the nineties we had the Zandvoort case (Rolodex). The research team stumbled into high officials apparently involved in child rape. All of a sudden they were told to stop researching.
  7. The case has links to the Dutroux ring and there is some suggestion it has links to a German boy Michael Schawab who allegedly was killed during the making of a childporn movie.
  8. There is a high amount of suspicious deaths around this case by PPL who could have given evidence.
  10. About Turkey
  12. Two Turkish boys have come forward who say they were raped by Demmink in the nineties when they were minors. Here's a testimony
  13. A Turkish policeman confirms their story
  15. Baybasin a Turkish person who serves a life sentence in the Netherlands claims the Turkish government has proof about these rapes and blackmailed the government of the Netherlands into sending him away for life.
  16. The case will be retried since a high judge decided there are reasons to believe some things went wrong in that trial.
  18. The lawyer of Baybasin amongst others gave a testimony to an international committee last week. Here's the transcript,B&ContentRecordType=B&CFID=9291713&CFTOKEN=29459677
  20. Point is Demmink claims he was never in Turkey in the nineties. Traveling files from before 2000 are said to have been deleted.
  21. Government claims they looked into it but the opposition claims Demmink has multiple passports with different names.
  23. Demmink has admitted to journalists he likes young boys and doesn't always ask for their age but he categorically denies searching for minors or having hurt them.
  25. There's a whole lot of misty crap around the Demmink files. There's even a whole youtube channel JDTV with 100 episodes just about this case.
  26. There are claims the royals are involved in satanic child rape and murder and even Soros.
  27. Mostly these claims are based on some sort of free association missing evidence. When you dig into that you keep on running into the same question: Where's the proof?
  28. Of course this case has all the ingredients to attract every conspiracy nutter.
  30. I reckon most interesting part and most plausible getting some results is the Turkey case.
  31. If there was any blackmail there should be proof about that. That starts with placing Demmink in Turkey in the nineties which he denies.