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  1.  promised yesterday to carry some anecdotes by former Mirror group veteran Revel Barker about Bob Edwards, the late editor of the Sunday Mirror, People and Daily Express.
  3. He wrote an obituary that was published in The Independent yesterday, which you can enjoy here. But there wasn't quite enough space for all he wrote, and three of the tales must be told...
  5. The first concerns an incident just after he was fired - for the second time - from the editorship of the Express. He asked his chauffeur to drive him a mere 200 yards up Fleet Street from the paper's offices to El Vino.
  7. Just as the car glided to a halt outside, an elderly pedestrian stepped off the pavement and hit the car, falling into the gutter.
  9. According to the driver, Bob emerged from the back seat to stare angrily at the prone figure before saying: "Why does everything happen to me?" (Hugh Muir has a version of this in his diary today).
  11. The other two anecdotes, one of which occurred during my time on the Sunday Mirror, relates to Bob's notorious failure to recognise people.