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  1. <~Cody>
  2. <@DL> i just reformatted so nothing atm
  3. <~Cody>
  4. <@DL> i dont evne have dj software yet
  5. <~Cody>
  6. <~Cody>
  7. <&leafy> get a mac DL :)
  8. <~Cody>
  9. <Chipotle> cody where did you find the first two?
  10. <@DL> i prolly will leafy
  11. <@DL> are they paying u to advertise on 12chan
  12. <~Cody>
  13. <@DL> XD
  14. <~Cody> those are on my FB.  i forget where i got them originally
  15. <~Cody>
  16. <~Cody> but the second one has been on 12chan lots of times
  17. <@DL> Chipotle, babe
  18. <&leafy> it'll have everything you need DL. should talk to some of those DJs you meet
  19. <@DL> another epic piece
  20. <@DL> np: Mekkanikka - Zowanagor (Vibraddict Rmx)
  21. <+illm13> I think all of those were in one milkboys thread, Cody
  22. <+illm13> The first couple
  23. <~Cody> that may be where i got the first one
  24. <~Cody> he's lovely
  25. <Chipotle> dl
  26. <Chipotle> epic indeed
  27. <+illm13> Yeah, the one on the porch, the one in the hoodie, and I think one other one
  28. <+illm13> that one