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  1. Dear Sir/Madam:
  3. This concerns the parking at 240 Water Street, Napanee ON, K7R 1X1. The parking is at best, the question; we (the tenants) have tried to straighten out the issue on our own without success. The owners of the building have never cared, or shown any interest, as to what happens at the apartment building. With the only exception being the monthly rent collection.
  5. When a new person moves in they are told to "park anywhere with the exception of one spot; as the lady who parks there has lived in the building for 20+ years." The situation as it is, not fair to the rest of the tenants in the building; as we have to fight for or just not move our cars for the fear of coming back to no place to park.
  7. In conclusion, the non caring, unfair, owners will not resovle this unless, I quote "the only resolution we can offer is to charge everyone an extra $25 for parking." The reason for this letter is because, we (the tenants of 240 water street), are wondering if it would be at all possible to be able to resolve the above issue.