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  1. Minister Leers dominates debate Ter Apel with false arguments
  3. Today afternoon, May 31 the debate about the evacuation of the tent camp Ter Apel took place. I want to highlight a few points which show Minister Leers whether or not deliberately twists facts based on supplied sources and information.
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  6. Minister Leers states that the Mayor of Vlagtwedde on May 23 2012 took the decision herself to issue an emergency order by which the opportunity was created to evacuate the tent camp.
  8. Form documents we as well as the judge were supplied with seems that the decision to evacuate has been taken in an earlier stage under political pressure. See page 3 of the source documentation in which the GGD states not to deliver medical aid at the tent camp because they already knew it would be evacuated, as well as they deliberately silenced this fact to the volunteering MD's in the tent camp.
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  11. Minister Lers states that people inside the AZC as well as those who are "illegal" receive medical care as stated in the ECHR (EVRM)
  13. Out of experience of the MD's in the tent camp this seems to be aside the truth. Inside the medical service of the COA are no MD's employed, the GCA where the MD's had to turn themselves to in order to transfer medical files seems to be an administrative call center where not even a single medical doctor is working.
  15. Diagnostics - whether or not - a person needs medical care are being done by nurses in stead of MD's and even medical screening at arrival in the country seems to be undertaken by nurses.
  16. See source documentation of the MD's in this article:
  18. And here:
  20. This article also shows clearly that there are Iraqi's in the group which are supposed to return to their country of origin where they are put on a death-list. A simple google-search on their names in Arabic leads swiftly to this information.
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  23. Minister Leers warded off the fact that Co van Melle MD was arrested by the riot police and was detained with the argument that he would have been present as a supporter.
  25. The doctor has been taken along by me in the morning from Amsterdam. Outside Ter Apel we drove into a roadblock of the police; the roads to the tent camp had been barred. After we identified ourselves and the doctor had reported he had come to provide medical aid, we were brought to the tent camp under police escort.
  27. The doctor was entrusted with a recording device by one of the other volunteers and with this the following recording has been made: Doctor van Melle himself about his arrest:
  29. As well as my report which shows that the police officers have been addressed about the arrest of a medical doctor, however they valued their own mandate higher than the medical assistance.
  31. The report also proofs that another MD was beaten. The MD's do not appreciate the fact that the attention would be dedicated to them, for in their opinion such should go to the coverage about refugees, which, does not implicate that the stated before did not happen. An effortless inquiry will reveal this as well.
  33. All in all our hope is that media is picking up the information and will cover this. This, is not the way a civilized country is supposed to handle it's refugees or medical doctors.