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  1. Dear users,
  3. We want to remind everyone that from now on whoever buys a Steam account from another Gather-Network member will take a full responsibility of that account.
  5. Do not send us e-mails, PM's that you're steam account was VAC banned, hacked, disabled or that you have been tricked because we are not the Valve Support team we are the Gather-Network Support team therefore we will not be responsible for whatever happens to the steam account you bought.
  7. However if you still wish to buy a steam account from another member please refer to us with his GN username and STEAM_ID, if the user is banned or has banpoints we will not under any condition move that STEAM_ID.
  9. This is our first and last warning DO NOT buy steam account's from another GN user, it's far more easier to buy a fresh new steam account from Valve.
  11. Regards,
  12. The Help & Support staff.