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  1.  Why does my week start on Saturday?rnrnThis really is a problem in your distro. You can check how your operating system reports these to GTK+ and hence to orage, which uses strictly gtk calendar widget and does not tune these settings itself. Command locale first_weekday shows which day is the first day in your system. Usually Sunday is day number 1, but that can be changed so check that with command locale day, which shows days starting from day number 1. You may try with different LANG enevironment variable settings and calendar view in orage should change accordingly. Log a new bug for orage if you think it is not working correctly. Look more information from Xfce bug 1237 or from Debian bug 215466rnrnIf you are adventurous, you can actually fix these yourself. You need to find your locale definition file (like fi_FI or fr_FR). locate is your friend here and helps finding it. After that you can check what the setting is: grep first_weekday fi_FI and change that if it is wrong and after that you need to recompile your locale database.