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  1.     MD (74) arrest in refugee camp Ter Apel in The Netherlands.
  3.     The police told everybody they needed to clean out the place otherwise the riotpolice would come in.
  5.     The doctor stayed behind to help sick PPL. The police arrested him rather hardhandedly. The detention bus they put him in was 10 meters away from us. They could have just handed him over to us. I told several policemen that it was a crime to arrest the MD on duty but they said they were in charge and that he was going to the detention centre.
  7.     We drove to the detentioncentre later and he came out 2 hours later. I put a lot of pressure on the cops in the detentioncentre who seemed shocked a MD had been arrested.They were actually very helpful.
  9.     Want to get in in the press here, busy with it and want the parliament to ask questions about it.
  10.     Not sure about an immediate 'target' because don't know who gave the order to also arrest a MD.
  12.     It's not all, because there was another MD as well who was packing medication into his car and got slapped in the back by the riotpolice because 'he was taking too long'.
  14.     In order to enter the camp we had to pass 2 roadblocks and I had to show my passport....
  16.     For now, just need media attention for this!