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  1. Lindsey Anderson lived a very sheltered life, after being home-schooled for 18 years she was finally getting out of her small town and heading off to college like a normal girl. Lindsey was very beautiful; at 18 she had brown eyes and long brown hair with natural red highlights, she was 5’ 3 and 130 pounds with the kind of ass that all girls want, she had size 36C breasts and she was perfectly innocent.
  3. Her first day on campus Lindsey met her roommate, a girl named Maria. Maria was very pretty as well, she had big bright blue eyes, a height of 5’ 6 with 36DD breasts and killer short curly blonde hair. This girl could be the porn star of every mans dreams.
  5. They clicked almost immediately sharing life stories and experiences, Maria introduced Lindsey to her friends and everything seemed like it couldn’t get any better!
  7. The first Friday night party rolled around and Maria and Lindsey were ready to go. Lindsey decided to wear a short dress she had bought just before coming to school here, something her parents would not approve of! It was bright red and came just below that perfect ass of hers and her breast’s filled it like no one else’s could have. Maria was wearing a killer little black dress that her breasts were just flowing out of and just barely covered her ass, these girls were ready to party.
  9. A huge warehouse located off campus down near the ocean was where the party was being held, a few frats and sororities had gotten together to pull the whole thing off. The place looked great, it had cages hanging from the ceiling with people dancing in them, a few raised platforms for group dancing and a DJ station. The bar was located near the back and the place was crazy!
  11. Lindsey noticed early on that Maria had disappeared into the crowd, but she wasn’t worried, they had talked about this before they left the campus saying they’d just meet back at the dorm. Lindsey had a few drinks and was dancing the night away but before she knew it all the lights and heat were making her light-headed. She wandered around until she found a back exit and went out for some air.
  13. The alley was dark and cool, Lindsey took a few deep breathes and turned to go back inside only to realize to her horror that the door was locked! Looking around frantically she didn’t see any other way to get in, so she set off to walk to the front entrance. Stumbling around in the dark alley was not Lindsey’s idea of fun, all of a sudden she heard voices, male voices. Ducking frantically behind a garbage can she saw two big men coming down the alley, and in her drunken stupor thought they would help her get back in!
  15. Those last few drinks were really starting to kick in as she stumbled from behind the garbage can, blindly asking the two men if they had any idea how she could get back inside. The two men stared in wonder at the beautiful girl standing before them, she didn’t look like a hooker… DAMN she was smoking hot.
  17. One of the guys, Luke, looked at his friend Matt and smiled slowly turning to Lindsey he said, “Sure love, just come on back this way and there’s a door, what’s your name?”
  19. “Lindsey! Thank you so much, I just wandered out for some air and the door locked behind me and I have no idea where I am really, I just moved here.” She babbled on and on not even realizing they had led her through a maze of alley ways to a place smaller and darker then the alley by the warehouse.
  21. Matt roughly grabbed Lindsey from behind and held her tight while Luke just stared lustfully at her. Lindsey finally started to realize what was going on and struggled with no avail. Matt was slowly unzipping her dress from behind as she started to cry.
  23. “Aww come on sweet thing, don’t cry,” Matt whined from behind her, “we wont hurt you!”
  25. “please, don’t.” was all Lindsey could manage through her sobbing as her dress fell to the ground.
  27. “Look,” Luke said as he took in her semi naked form, “we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can let us do what we want with you, and we’ll let you go, or we can do what we want with you and kill you. There are your options.”
  29. Lindsey realized he wasn’t kidding and automatically stopped struggling, Matt let her go and came around to admire her front side. Both men started forward at the same time, bulging erections clearly pressing hard against their jeans.
  31. Matt ripped Lindsey’s bra off and grabbed one of her nipples as Luke knelt in front of her and slowly started kissing her thighs. The strange good and bad sensations running through her body were too hard to fight as her she felt herself getting wet between the legs.
  33. They lowered her down onto the ground, and Luke slowly started licking and sucking through her panty material, savouring her sweet smell. As matt lowered his mouth to each breast teasing and biting roughly only to be rewarded with loud moans and whimpers coming from Lindsey.
  35. “Hear that Lukey? She’s loving it!” Matt said excitedly.
  37. Luke ripped off her panties roughly, unable to control himself he quickly inserted two fingers into her pussy and started fingering her hard and fast while sucking and nibbling on her clit. Matt, seeing her dazed expression whipped out his cock and shoved it in her face. Unknowingly Lindsey opened her mouth and he shoved his fully erect penis in, taking all 8 inches of it wasn’t hard at all she found and starting sucking and licking.
  39. Luke inserted another finger and brought Lindsey to her first mind altering climax and then her second. Just as she thought she was done, Luke took out his 9 inch cock and shoved it into her soaking wet pussy as hard as he had ever in his life. Pumping in and out of her tight pussy was like nothing Luke had ever experienced, she was so tight he was having a hard time controlling himself, but he managed to hang on a few more minutes until he noticed Matt was about to cum as well.
  41. Matt was getting the best blowjob of his life, and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He started pumping in and out as fast as he could then he pushed his cock in as far as he could and forced her to swallow every drop of cum that came out, she couldn’t quite manage and some was running down her chin which was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Looking down at Luke he was just in time to watch his friend pump his hot load deep into her pussy.
  43. When they were both done they looked at each other and a realization came over them, they could do whatever they wanted to this bitch.
  45. Luke grabbed her and yanked her off the ground, after all that she thought they were finally letting her go! Then Matt lay down on the ground and Luke forced her down on her knees into the doggy style position. Oh no, she thought, they’re just switching positions. Having watched her fair share of her daddy’s porn she was fairly certain she knew what was coming and was kind of excited and scared at the same time.
  47. Matt entered her soaked pussy in one thrust, and roughly started pumping in and out. Luke looked down at her tight asshole and couldn’t believe his luck, he spit on it and inserted one finger, hearing her whimper he sharply slapped her ass and inserted another finger. All of a sudden she let out a gasp and came all over Matt’s dick, Luke figured she’d never be more ready then now.
  49. In one thrust he shoved his dick deep into her virgin asshole, Lindsey cried out in pain, he was ripping her in half! She had never felt so full in her life. Luke and Matt pumped in and out with extreme force, bringing her to climax over and over until she was sure she was going to pass out. All of a sudden Luke exploded deep into her asshole and then Matt exploded deep into her pussy.
  51. Spent, the boys decided to dress her and get her back to the dorm, the sun would be coming up in no time and people would be wondering where she was. No need to ruin a good thing, they knew where to find her.
  53. Lindsey sat on her bed sore and sticky, unsure of what to do next when Maria fell in through the door. Seeing the look on her roommates face Maria quickly came to her senses and asked what was wrong. Lindsey told her the entire story from beginning to end and when she was finished she was afraid to look at Maria she was so ashamed.
  55. Maria took her by the arm and led her down the hall to the bathroom, she said quietly, “you have to get cleaned up, then we’ll go to the drugstore to take care of any unwanted mess they left behind.”
  57. Standing in the bathroom it was like Lindsey had no idea what to do next, Maria stared in and realized she was going to have to help. Unzipping Lindsey’s dress and taking off her bra and panties, she shoved her into the steamy shower. Maria was getting more and more turned on, as if that story wasn’t hot enough here she was standing in the bathroom with her smoking hot roommate naked in the shower in front of her.
  59. Maria made a quick decision and stripped quickly jumping in the shower behind her roommate.