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  1. if you watch the entire video, which I highly suggest everyone to do, you get a better view of what I'm trying to say here:
  3. 8:36 - "Come on buddy, all you gotta do is pick up a weapon" - Aiming at Saeed, the news reporter, who's been shot twice by the chopper already and is crawling away
  4. 9:35 - An ambulance comes in, helping the wounded, "Come on, let us shoot" - Aiming at the van.
  5. ^ No weapons were anywhere the individuals who seconds later were gunned down, you clearly see NONE of them are carrying anything. The reporter can barely do anything, why'd he be able to carry a gun? The two others had to carry him, posing no danger at all to anyone.
  6. 12:09 - Aiming at the windshield, "Oh yeah look at that right through the windshield. Haha!"
  7. 12:50 - Driving one of the tanks, "I think I just ran over a body" (laughing) - 'Really?' - "Yeah!" (laughing)
  9. And then, the big final, starting around 13 minutes, you see them clearly carrying two children to evacuate. The soldiers decide it's best instead of helping them themselves, they better hand them over to the local police after which they'd be moved to a local hospital.
  10. 15:29 - "Well it's their fault for bringing kids to a battle." - 'That's right.'
  12. "No innocent civilians were killed on our part deliberately. We took great pains to prevent that. I know that two children were hurt, and we did everything we could to help them. I don't know how the children were hurt." - Major Brent Cummings, executive officer 2-16, US Army (Washington Post)