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  1. I wrote five weeks ago about the closure of the noSWeat journalism college in London. As I noted a couple of weeks after that, critics lined up to criticise the college.
  3. It had got into difficulties over money. And, prior to that, had lost its accreditation by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).
  5. Now I discover that its chief executive, Steve Ward, may be about to set up a new school of journalism called Phoenix (geddit?) offering potential students a diploma in multimedia journalism.
  7. At least one of the people named on the Phoenix website as a head of department, a former noSWeat tutor, was amazed. It would be quite flattering, he said, "if it wasn't for the fact I didn't know anything about it."
  9. He has emailed Ward to demand an explanation for his name being improperly used.
  11. The website - which includes an address in Westminster, a phone number and a "contact form" - states that Phoenix "has a long history and tradition as part of professional journalism training in London" and "maintains a practical approach to journalism training, free of limitations set by outside bodies." (That refers, presumably, to the NCTJ).
  13. But Ward (who answered the number on the website) told me it's all a misunderstanding. He says the site is "merely an experiment" or "drawing board."
  15. He said: "I've nothing to say about it. It's just there. I didn't know it was accessible. I'm not recruiting students." How mysterious!