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  1. Of the self we experience reality. All phenomena that we experience, physical, intellectual, and/or physical, are what our selves classify as the truth of reality. Because no two selves will ever experience the same phenomenon from the same perspective, it is an entirely subjective reality and not the truth of reality. No person can easily tell Absolute reality from his perspective which is based on his physical limitations. This level of reality is an illusion.rnrnMankind created another level of reality to unite the selves to a cause, a supposed greater force. This we call civilization. It is here that ideas, memories, and opinions of a multitude of selves combine into an amorphous mass. It provides us with our ideas of the absolute truth, which we are suppose to adhere to. In society the self learns its morals and has the duty to altruistically give of itself to this social construct.rnrnThe construct is no more real than the subjective experiences of the self it entails. In fact, imagine it as the delusion of the Self multiplied beyond limits. Society is the assembled prejudices of humans. It is a deception and an instrument of abuse and control by its leaders who use the masses to their advantage. They do this in the name of a Creator, a Nation, or skin color.rnrnAn absolute force governs all creation, call it what you will, monad, God, various god-heads, wheel of time, circle of life, totality of all creation in all points of time and space. No human mind, though, is capable of fathoming the entire ocean of Creation. It is not possible in the human entity to connect with the Eternal, Universal, and Infinite Absolute that governs creation. We cannot see the forest when we are only the tree. There is rodents, birds, coyotes, possums, and many other things.rnrnThe only true constants are birth and death. Stars are born and die; planets with all their ability to support and nurture life also will eventually die. This is the way of the world. There is no pity, sorrow, or remorse in this plain fact. It is even supposed that the Universe will die one day as well.rnrnIf the self is an illusion and society a fraud, and the absolute is inaccessible, what is left for us? The answer as I see it is to bypass society entirely and connecting the self with the absolute.  Humans can not reach out and touch gods, but gods can extend their hand and grasp humanity. On that day there will be no more division, no more delusion, no more loneliness proceeding from an isolated Self. The One will become the All and the All will become the one…rnrnOne thing that stands in the way is people like to harden their selves. They reject anything outside their way of things, listing it off as unreal or unworthy of attention. They fortify themselves within a shrine of self or archetypal regard, scaling everyone against themselves and their role models. In this effort they defeat themselves. People are like someone who sets out to explore a foreign country but only stays at the Hilton and only goes to tourist spots. People happily give themselves up to being duped by their own kind and are rigidly on guard against what we set out looking for in life. They refuse every invitation to see, resist every effort of nature to jolt them from the normalcy of their lives. Some try shattering the walls that imprison them but end up doing nothing but crouching behind them, to protect themselves from assault. People want to know but can't seem to tolerate being uncomfortable. They want life nicely under their control