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commands for crimbot v0
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  1. (00:18:44) (CrimBot) -- Commands now work in both public and private message, to use these commands in private. Simply type /msg CrimBot command without period. Example: /msg CrimBot op or /msg CrimBot kickban james lamer!
  2. (00:18:44) (CrimBot) -- All private commands will work in main channel.
  3. (00:18:44) (CrimBot) CrimBot v1 is not currently oped, so the following commands will not work
  4. (00:18:44) (CrimBot) .op, .deop, .up, .down, .op [nick], .deop [nick], .up [nick], .down [nick], .halfop,
  5. (00:18:44) (CrimBot) .defalfop, .halfop [nick], .dehalfop [nick], .voice, .devoice, .voice [nick], .devoice [nick], .kick [nick] (reason), .k [nick] (reason), .ban [nick],
  6. (00:18:47) (CrimBot) .kickban [nick] (reason), .kb [nick] (reason), .unban [nick] .topic [newtopic], .aban add/del [nick], .avoice [on/off]
  7. (00:18:47) (CrimBot) .mop, .mdeop, .mvoice, .mdevoice, .mkick, .addhop [nick], .delhop [nick], .addop [nick], .delop [nick], .addowner [nick], .delowner [nick]
  8. (00:18:50) (CrimBot) .=o, .moo, .stfu add/del [nick], .power, .hide, .restart, .join, .part, .die
  9. (00:18:53) (CrimBot) Normal commands for CrimBot v1
  10. (00:18:53) (CrimBot) .say [text], .me [text], .msg [nick] [text], .notice [nick] [message], .clone [nick], .stopclone [nick], .server [newserver], .newchan [newmainchan],
  11. (00:18:56) (CrimBot) .cutecmds, .id, .cycle, .date, .time, .bar, .google [search string], .8ball [question], .pingme, .whois [nickname], .lamer
  12. (00:18:57) (CrimBot) For more information, simply get help for each command by typing .help [command] without period e.g. .help dehalfop