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Urgent need securing medical care
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  1. Alarming phone call of Jacques Bonsen MD concerning the evacuation of (refugee tent camp) Ter Apel.
  4. In accordance to promises made by Minister Gerd Leers, people who have reported themselves voluntarily at the AZC [note: Dutch abbreviation for Center for Asylum Seekers] in Ter Apel, now scattered over several AZC's in the country have a right to medical care.
  6. Doctor Bonsen has seen and treated many patients in the tent camp. There is an urgent need of transfer of the statuses of these people to the medical service of the various AZC's.
  7. The doctor received - only today so far - 123 phone calls of patients.
  9. He has contacted the Management of the COA in order to receive a list of individuals and their whereabouts so he can match this with his data.
  11. However the COA is turning the tables. They want a list of the doctor displaying names, dates of birth and medical records.
  12. The problem consist in the spelling of the names and the facts that it is handwritten. At the tiniest mistake the system of COA does not recognize the person.
  14. Therefor it is impossible to exchange medical data!
  16. A second problem is that in the AZC's obviously only nurses are involved as a result of which there can not be prescribed any medication and care not exceeds nothing else than the handing over of a Paracetamol.
  18. There is a very urgent need of pressuring the COA to secure the quality  of the medical care!