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  1. Lee
  3. $ 100,000  Having Lee on your team is like having 'fight-radar'. He can catch a falling grain of rice between a pair of chopsticks and switch a dime for a penny before you close the palm of your hand around it.
  5. A master practitioner of several schools of martial arts, Lee sees everything moving around him in relative slow motion and can spot trouble unfolding before any of the other bodyguard types.
  7. With fists of fury, Lee does not fight with a gun, but with his hands. Lee is the bodyguard who works best to defend his boss against incoming attacks.
  8. Keyword: Defence  
  9.    Ike
  11. $ 50,000  Ike was a hood when Al Capone was still in kindergarten and he has worked with the glitterati of the mobster world and learned his art from the masters.
  13. There is nothing that Ike cannot teach to a young gangster about bomb-making, weapon-maintenance, car-stealing and all other associated gangster practices. With Ike on your team, your other bodyguards will learn better and faster how to serve their boss.
  15. What Ike loses in speed and agility, he makes up well in wisdom and knowledge. Ike is the quintessential 'uncle gangster'. Here to help your squad in ways they would not anticipate without his guidance.
  16. Keyword: Training  
  17.    Ray
  19. $ 10,000  Ray had a disturbed upbringing, a cruel father who would lock him in his room, until Ray learned to crawl out of the window and down a drainpipe. So Ray got stowed in the coal cellar - but he learned how to tunnel 'round the chute cover and escape from bondage became pattern behaviour.
  21. Later on Ray got work in a cheap, travelling circus as a side-show escapologist, wriggling out of straitjackets and releasing himself from the inside of submerged, chained packing cases.
  23. When the circus left town for good, Ray graduated to a life of crime, springing buddies from police and prison cells and has since learned how to fake I.D., cut keys, charm guards and blow holes in prison walls. You want 'early parole?' - Ray's your man.
  24. Keyword: Buster  
  25.    Joe
  27. $ 50,000  Some people don't like Joe. Joe doesn't like anyone. But he knows everyone.
  29. Once he was a cop, fighting guys like you and your team, until temptation and temper got the better of him and he became one of the boys, a real good feller. With Joe on your side you have more than just underworld connections: you have friends in high places. From tip-offs about booze hauls to friendly taps on the shoulders of the boys-in-blue, with Joe on your side you can always count on getting off with a light sentence.
  31. Choose Joe if you don't want to stay too long behind bars, want your stolen booty to stay hidden from the Feds or want your own good friends to know where you are when you are in a tight spot.
  32. Keyword: Connections  
  33.    Rob
  35. $ 1,000,000  Rob. Only the best of the best get to have a friend like Rob. He is the epitome of loyalty and there is nothing that he would not do for his boss. Rob would not hesitate to throw himself in front of you if you were surprised in an attack. He is as loyal as any faithful dog of legend and will do his boss' bidding to the bitter end.
  37. Guys like Rob are not ten-a-penny and come only to those with the best kind of connections and reputation. If you lose Rob, you stand to lose more than ordinary protection.
  39. Having Rob by your side is like the best kind of camouflage an under-fire hoodlum could possess.
  40. Keyword: Shield