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  1. <p>In 2007 SoGamed will have there own gameservers. This is so the community&nbsp;can play on them. The first servers will be hosted in The Netherlands by: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>. Snakeservers is a well known hosting company in&nbsp;europe cause of the good pings and fast serivces. These servers will be moderated by <a target="_blank" href=""></a>&nbsp;. The frist DEATHMATCH server is only and ready to use. This DEATHMATCH server is 20 slots and protected by: VAC, Steambans, and Soundcheck to keep cheaters away and help you having a good time. For more information please read below.</p>
  2. <p>Name: #Xmoo - <a target="_blank" href=""></a> | By:<br />Game: Counter-Strike 1.6<br />Ip: (Join: <a target="_blank" href="steam://connect/">Steam</a> / <a target="_blank" href="hlsw://">HLSW</a> / <a target="_blank" href=";sec=join&amp;id=one"></a>)<br />Rules: <a target="_blank" href=";sec=rules">The Server Rules</a> <font color="#ff0000">(Read Carefull)<br /></font>Banlist: <a target="_blank" href=";sec=banlist">The Server Banlist</a><br />Server Relays: <a target="_blank" href="irc://">#Xmoo</a> <a target="_blank" href="irc://">#SoGamed</a> (on <a target="_blank" href="">Quakenet</a>), <a target="_blank" href="irc://">#Xmoo</a> (on <a target="_blank" href="">Gamesurge</a>)</p>
  3. <p>If you have questions or suggestions please mail to: <a target="_blank" href="">Info[aT]Xmoo[doT]org</a></p>