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  1. Today, the Danish team ROCCAT announced a player change to its roster, due to in real life situations with player jiMMy
  3. Player jiMMy's spot has been taken by former GIAL player frozt who hasnt seen a team since the organisation and the team fell apart. The team will be making there first appearance at the ESEA tournament and The eXperience event, held in Roskilde, Denmark.
  5. ROCCAT lineup:
  7.  Thomas 'inCre' Hector
  8.  Danni 'rytme' Hansen
  9.  Martin 'orga' Hansen
  10.  Troels 'eXce' Kierulff
  11.  Morten 'frozt' Pedersen
  13. Statement from Thomas "inCre" Hector, Leader of ROCCAT.css:
  15. "Today it is with both sorrow and happiness that we can announce lineup changes. First of all we want to thank Jim for the time in ROCCAT and all the great experiences we have gotten at events. The reason why Jim is no longer a part of ROCCAT is that he do not have the urge for CSS anymore, and therefore wanted to stop playing on this level and focus more on real life commitments."