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  1. Yesterday Team Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Denmark had to play the half finals for the ClanBase Nations Cup. There where some problems with some team members switching players or some player had not filled there SteamID on the Clanbase website. But all of that is fixen now. The finals are coming up and the match is going to be intrested cause both team countries are laying next to eachother.
  3. [b]Half Final:[/b]
  4. [flag=nl]Team Netherlands Vs. [flag=no]Team Norway 19-16 (de_inferno)
  5. [flag=dk]Team Denmark Vs. [flag=de]Team Germany 14-16 (de_inferno)
  7. [b]Final:[/b]
  8. [flag=nl]Team Netherlands Vs. [flag=de]Team Germany
  10. On behave of SoGamed we wish both team good luck.