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Knappe Musici Knock-Out Ronde 1
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  1. 295. [url= Staveley-Taylor (The Staves)]Emily Staveley-Taylor (The Staves)[/url] vs. [url=ďs Delva]Anaďs Delva[/url]
  2. 296. [url= Hudson]Jennifer Hudson[/url] vs. [url= Cilmi]Gabriella Cilmi[/url]
  3. 297. [url= Grannis]Kina Grannis[/url] vs. [url= Lambert]Miranda Lambert[/url]
  4. 298. [url= Hikaru]Utada Hikaru[/url] vs. [url= Kibby (M83)]Morgan Kibby (M83)[/url]
  5. 299. [url= Davis]Brittany Davis[/url] vs. [url= Marie Origliasso (The Veronicas)]Lisa Marie Origliasso (The Veronicas)[/url]
  6. 300. [url= Lizorkina (Serebro)]Marina Lizorkina (Serebro)[/url] vs. [url= Richard]Dawn Richard[/url]
  7. 301. [url= Mallory]Daisy Mallory[/url] vs. [url= García Perrote (Hinds)]Ana García Perrote (Hinds)[/url]
  8. 302. [url= Marrone]Emma Marrone[/url] vs. [url= Watson (Hilary and Kate)]Hilary Watson (Hilary and Kate)[/url]
  9. 303. [url= Pope (Hey Monday)]Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday)[/url] vs. [url= Seryabkina (Serebro)]Olga Seryabkina (Serebro)[/url]
  10. 304. [url= Bizu]Izzy Bizu[/url] vs. [url= Rose Allen (Foxes)]Louisa Rose Allen (Foxes)[/url]
  11. 305. [url= Stockley (Crystal Fighers)]Laure Stockley (Crystal Fighers)[/url] vs. [url= Berrebah (Sugababes)]Amelle Berrebah (Sugababes)[/url]
  12. 306. [url= Sera]La Sera[/url] vs. [url= Nouvion (Memoryhouse)]Denise Nouvion (Memoryhouse)[/url]
  13. 307. [url= Southern]Lucy Southern[/url] vs. [url= Lloyd]Cher Lloyd[/url]
  14. 308. [url= Moura]Anna Moura[/url] vs. [url= O'Day]Aubrey O'Day[/url]
  15. 309. [url= Wullus (Beauhouse)]Angke Wullus (Beauhouse)[/url] vs. [url= Öhrn (Oh Laura)]Frida Öhrn (Oh Laura)[/url]
  16. 310. [url= Atkins]Nicole Atkins[/url] vs. [url= Brask]Kristiina Brask[/url]
  17. 311. [url= Beernink]Anne-Loek Beernink[/url] vs. [url= Dahlberg]Sandra Dahlberg[/url]
  18. 312. [url= LeDuc (Diamond Dixie)]Gabriela LeDuc (Diamond Dixie)[/url] vs. [url= Jenssen]Amanda Jenssen[/url]
  19. 313. [url=]Duffy[/url] vs. [url= van Hulst (Do)]Dominique van Hulst (Do)[/url]
  20. 314. [url=]Hadise[/url] vs. [url= Melua]Katie Melua[/url]
  21. 315. [url= Piper]Billie Piper[/url] vs. [url=]Noosa[/url]
  22. 316. [url= Mickwee (The Trishas)]Kelley Mickwee (The Trishas)[/url] vs. [url= van Dael (Lasgo)]Jelle van Dael (Lasgo)[/url]
  23. 317. [url= Topley-Bird]Martina Topley-Bird[/url] vs. [url= Martin (Archive)]Holly Martin (Archive)[/url]
  24. 318. [url= Newton]Mika Newton[/url] vs. [url= Schuurman (Linda, Roos & Jessica)]Katja Schuurman (Linda, Roos & Jessica)[/url]
  25. 319. [url= Meyers]Krystal Meyers[/url] vs. [url= Klum]Heidi Klum[/url]
  26. 320. [url= Roberts]Emma Roberts[/url] vs. [url= Wainwright]Martha Wainwright[/url]
  27. 321. [url= Cosials (Hinds)]Carlotta Cosials (Hinds)[/url] vs. [url= Morris]Heather Morris[/url]
  28. 322. [url= Maria Vega]Carmen Maria Vega[/url] vs. [url= Wilson]Nancy Wilson[/url]
  29. 323. [url= LeDuc (Diamond Dixie)]Bianca LeDuc (Diamond Dixie)[/url] vs. [url= Jaani]Getter Jaani[/url]
  30. 324. [url= Dunham (QT)]Hayden Dunham (QT)[/url] vs. [url= Egli]Beatrice Egli[/url]
  31. 325. [url= de Visser]Eefje de Visser[/url] vs. [url= Cunningham]Rosalie Cunningham[/url]
  32. 326. [url=]M.I.A.[/url] vs. [url= Daemion]Amiel Daemion[/url]
  33. 327. [url= Penny (TOPS)]Jane Penny (TOPS)[/url] vs. [url= McIntosh]Stephanie McIntosh[/url]
  34. 328. [url= Bareilles]Sara Bareilles[/url] vs. [url= Minis]Hadewych Minis[/url]
  35. 329. [url= Hill]Becky Hill[/url] vs. [url= Kilbey (Say Lou Lou)]Elektra Kilbey (Say Lou Lou)[/url]
  36. 330. [url= Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)]Loes Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)[/url] vs. [url= Luitsz]Eva Luitsz[/url]
  37. 331. [url= Vandi]Despina Vandi[/url] vs. [url= Snow]Brittany Snow[/url]
  38. 332. [url= Bourgeus (Tsar B, School Is Cool)]Justine Bourgeus (Tsar B, School Is Cool)[/url] vs. [url= "Left Eye" Lopes]Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes[/url]
  39. 333. [url= as Police Woman]Joan as Police Woman[/url] vs. [url= Hoberg]Christine Hoberg[/url]
  40. 334. [url= Kroes]Mirella Kroes[/url] vs. [url= Řland Fabricius (Oh Land)]Nanna Řland Fabricius (Oh Land)[/url]
  41. 335. [url= Kivilaan (Vanilla Ninja)]Triinu Kivilaan (Vanilla Ninja)[/url] vs. [url= Bettinson (Ultraísta)]Laura Bettinson (Ultraísta)[/url]
  42. 336. [url= Tozzi]Cheyenne Tozzi[/url] vs. [url= Sinatra]Nancy Sinatra[/url]
  43. 337. [url= Monroe]Marilyn Monroe[/url] vs. [url= Langseth]Jesse Langseth[/url]
  44. 338. [url= Järvis (Vanilla Ninja)]Piret Järvis (Vanilla Ninja)[/url] vs. [url= Ford]Willa Ford[/url]
  45. 339. [url= Olzon]Annette Olzon[/url] vs. [url= Von Hausswolff]Anna Von Hausswolff[/url]
  46. 340. [url= Meijer (K3)]Klaasje Meijer (K3)[/url] vs. [url= Blufpand]Roos Blufpand[/url]
  47. 341. [url= Besnard (Plastiscines)]Katty Besnard (Plastiscines)[/url] vs. [url= Scherzinger]Nicole Scherzinger[/url]
  48. 342. [url= Merkouri]Irini Merkouri[/url] vs. [url= Olsen]Angel Olsen[/url]
  49. 343. [url= Abdul]Paula Abdul[/url] vs. [url= Goldfrapp]Alison Goldfrapp[/url]
  50. 344. [url= Imbruglia]Natalie Imbruglia[/url] vs. [url=é Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)]Reneé Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)[/url]
  51. 345. [url= Hardin]Alina Hardin[/url] vs. [url= Bush]Kate Bush[/url]
  52. 346. [url= Tunstall]KT Tunstall[/url] vs. [url= Lynne]Shelby Lynne[/url]
  53. 347. [url=]Fallulah[/url] vs. [url= Torrini]Emiliana Torrini[/url]
  54. 348. [url= Modja]Inna Modja[/url] vs. [url= Demirezer]Elif Demirezer[/url]
  55. 349. [url= Christina Hesketh (Little Boots)]Victoria Christina Hesketh (Little Boots)[/url] vs. [url= Serneholt]Marie Serneholt[/url]
  56. 350. [url= Stan]Alexandra Stan[/url] vs. [url= Stikoudi]Katerina Stikoudi[/url]
  57. 351. [url=ée Denters]Esmée Denters[/url] vs. [url= Matsumiya (Kayo Dot)]Mia Matsumiya (Kayo Dot)[/url]
  58. 352. [url= Van Etten]Sharon Van Etten[/url] vs. [url= Fossi]Elena Fossi[/url]
  59. 353. [url= Panettiere]Hayden Panettiere[/url] vs. [url=é Diaz (Ibeyi)]Lisa-Kaindé Diaz (Ibeyi)[/url]
  60. 354. [url= Chelsea]Princess Chelsea[/url] vs. [url=ë Straub]Zoë Straub[/url]
  61. 355. [url= Euphoria]Dear Euphoria[/url] vs. [url=ýa]Mýa[/url]
  62. 356. [url= J]Mila J[/url] vs. [url= Newsom]Joanna Newsom[/url]
  63. 357. [url= Corr]Caroline Corr[/url] vs. [url= Partlow (The Love Willows)]Hope Partlow (The Love Willows)[/url]
  64. 358. [url= Potter]Grace Potter[/url] vs. [url= Pierce (The Pierces)]Catherine Pierce (The Pierces)[/url]
  65. 359. [url= Martin (Hinds)]Ade Martin (Hinds)[/url] vs. [url= Mayberry (CHVRCHES)]Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES)[/url]
  66. 360. [url= Red]Russian Red[/url] vs. [url= Jansen]Janine Jansen[/url]
  67. 361. [url= Leaneagh (Poliça)]Channy Leaneagh (Poliça)[/url] vs. [url= Perri]Christina Perri[/url]
  68. 362. [url=]Lapsley[/url] vs. [url= Golan]Rosi Golan[/url]
  69. 363. [url= Connolly (Mini Viva)]Frankee Connolly (Mini Viva)[/url] vs. [url=]Uffie[/url]
  70. 364. [url= Young]Tata Young[/url] vs. [url= St. Claire]Bonnie St. Claire[/url]
  71. 365. [url=]Aaliyah[/url] vs. [url= de Forest]Emilie de Forest[/url]
  72. 366. [url= Kahn]Mikaela Kahn[/url] vs. [url=]Amerie[/url]
  73. 367. [url= Moorer]Alison Moorer[/url] vs. [url=é Aiko]Jhené Aiko[/url]
  74. 368. [url=]CALLmeKAT[/url] vs. [url= Johansson]Scarlett Johansson[/url]
  75. 369. [url=]Indila[/url] vs. [url= Paparizou]Helena Paparizou[/url]
  76. 370. [url= Abreu]Anna Abreu[/url] vs. [url= Sutta (Pussycat Dolls)]Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls)[/url]
  77. 371. [url= Radelet (Chromatics)]Ruth Radelet (Chromatics)[/url] vs. [url= Siem]Sasha Siem[/url]
  78. 372. [url=]Vanity[/url] vs. [url= B (Spice Girls)]Mel B (Spice Girls)[/url]
  79. 373. [url= (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu)]Inna (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu)[/url] vs. [url= Simms (Automatic Loveletter)]Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter)[/url]
  80. 374. [url= Zapen]Rebecca Zapen[/url] vs. [url= Shaddad]Eliza Shaddad[/url]
  81. 375. [url= Grankvist]Therese Grankvist[/url] vs. [url= Pruitt]Jordan Pruitt[/url]
  82. 376. [url= Macomber (Young Ejecta)]Leanne Macomber (Young Ejecta)[/url] vs. [url= Marten]Billie Marten[/url]
  83. 377. [url= Broussard]Lelia Broussard[/url] vs. [url= Baker]Julien Baker[/url]
  84. 378. [url= Voegele]Kate Voegele[/url] vs. [url= and the Queens]Christine and the Queens[/url]
  85. 379. [url= Koley]Ash Koley[/url] vs. [url= James (Purity Ring)]Megan James (Purity Ring)[/url]
  86. 380. [url=]Adele[/url] vs. [url= and the Diamonds]Marina and the Diamonds[/url]
  87. 381. [url= Estrada]Elise Estrada[/url] vs. [url= Range (Sugababes)]Heidi Range (Sugababes)[/url]
  88. 382. [url=]Nneka[/url] vs. [url=éu]Céu[/url]
  89. 383. [url= Ahn]Priscilla Ahn[/url] vs. [url= Musgraves]Kacey Musgraves[/url]
  90. 384. [url=]JoJo[/url] vs. [url= Larsen]Marit Larsen[/url]
  91. 385. [url=]BANKS[/url] vs. [url= Anne]Michaela Anne[/url]
  92. 386. [url= Halliwell (Spice Girls)]Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls)[/url] vs. [url= Kinney]Emily Kinney[/url]
  93. 387. [url= Yousaf (Krewella)]Jahan Yousaf (Krewella)[/url] vs. [url= Reid (London Grammar)]Hannah Reid (London Grammar)[/url]
  94. 388. [url= Winslet]Kate Winslet[/url] vs. [url= Őigemeel]Birgit Őigemeel[/url]
  95. 389. [url= LaCazio]Anna LaCazio[/url] vs. [url= Goodnight]Jolie Goodnight[/url]
  96. 390. [url= V]Jasmine V[/url] vs. [url= Nikolaisen]Elvira Nikolaisen[/url]
  97. 391. [url= Li]Lykke Li[/url] vs. [url=Élise Pottier (Berry)]Élise Pottier (Berry)[/url]
  98. 392. [url= Boquist]Hanna Boquist[/url] vs. [url= Corr]Sharon Corr[/url]
  99. 393. [url= Menzel]Idina Menzel[/url] vs. [url= Case]Neko Case[/url]
  100. 394. [url= Caillat]Colbie Caillat[/url] vs. [url= Bruni]Carla Bruni[/url]
  101. 395. [url= Ewbank]Jennifer Ewbank[/url] vs. [url= Wehbe]Haifa Wehbe[/url]
  102. 396. [url=íca Olivo]Ameríca Olivo[/url] vs. [url= Twain]Shania Twain[/url]
  103. 397. [url=]Zendaya[/url] vs. [url= Christidou]Rallia Christidou[/url]
  104. 398. [url= Wax]Kate Wax[/url] vs. [url= Perez]Belle Perez[/url]
  105. 399. [url= Duff]Hilary Duff[/url] vs. [url= Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed)]Katherine Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed)[/url]
  106. 400. [url= Rizzatto]Gala Rizzatto[/url] vs. [url= Low]Lay Low[/url]
  107. 401. [url= Rossum]Emmy Rossum[/url] vs. [url= Shah]Nadine Shah[/url]
  108. 402. [url= England]Kyler England[/url] vs. [url= Haines (Metric)]Emily Haines (Metric)[/url]
  109. 403. [url= Yanek]Emily Yanek[/url] vs. [url= Pierce (The Pierces)]Allison Pierce (The Pierces)[/url]
  110. 404. [url= Faith]Paloma Faith[/url] vs. [url= Monk]Sophie Monk[/url]
  111. 405. [url= Hannigan]Lisa Hannigan[/url] vs. [url= Richardson]Gabriela Richardson[/url]
  112. 406. [url= Simons]Simone Simons[/url] vs. [url=]Sirah[/url]
  113. 407. [url= Kurkela]Johanna Kurkela[/url] vs. [url= Meester]Leighton Meester[/url]
  114. 408. [url= Hatherley]Charlotte Hatherley[/url] vs. [url= Hughes]Donna Hughes[/url]
  115. 409. [url= Rexha]Bebe Rexha[/url] vs. [url= Johnson]Louisa Johnson[/url]
  116. 410. [url= Lily]Ava Lily[/url] vs. [url= Azalea]Iggy Azalea[/url]
  117. 411. [url= Garner (The Fauns)]Alison Garner (The Fauns)[/url] vs. [url= Elizabeth Winstead (Got a Girl)]Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Got a Girl)[/url]
  118. 412. [url= Farna]Ewa Farna[/url] vs. [url= Barnett]Courtney Barnett[/url]
  119. 413. [url= Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)]Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)[/url] vs. [url= Belinfante]Tessa Belinfante[/url]
  120. 414. [url= Marling]Laura Marling[/url] vs. [url= Odinsen (IOEarth)]Linda Odinsen (IOEarth)[/url]
  121. 415. [url= Donelly (Throwing Muses)]Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses)[/url] vs. [url= Boo (Beau)]Heather Boo (Beau)[/url]
  122. 416. [url= Gold]Alice Gold[/url] vs. [url= Dixon]Alesha Dixon[/url]
  123. 417. [url= Edwards]Jillian Edwards[/url] vs. [url= Wilde]Kim Wilde[/url]
  124. 418. [url=]Louane[/url] vs. [url= (Girls' Generation)]TaeYeon (Girls' Generation)[/url]
  125. 419. [url= Runga]Bic Runga[/url] vs. [url= Moore]Mandy Moore[/url]
  126. 420. [url= Wheeler (The Sundays)]Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays)[/url] vs. [url= Larsson]Zara Larsson[/url]
  127. 421. [url= G]Becky G[/url] vs. [url= Corr]Andrea Corr[/url]
  128. 422. [url= Harry (Blondie)]Debbie Harry (Blondie)[/url] vs. [url= Volkova (t.A.T.u.)]Julia Volkova (t.A.T.u.)[/url]
  129. 423. [url=öksel]Göksel[/url] vs. [url= Annibale]Brooke Annibale[/url]
  130. 424. [url= Buchanan (Sugababes)]Keisha Buchanan (Sugababes)[/url] vs. [url= Lo]Tove Lo[/url]
  131. 425. [url= Clement]Coralie Clement[/url] vs. [url= Lunoe]Anna Lunoe[/url]
  132. 426. [url= McKenna]Lori McKenna[/url] vs. [url=]Caracol[/url]
  133. 427. [url= Amundsen]Frida Amundsen[/url] vs. [url= Staveley-Taylor (The Staves)]Jessica Staveley-Taylor (The Staves)[/url]
  134. 428. [url= Szroeder]Natalia Szroeder[/url] vs. [url= Allen]Lily Allen[/url]
  135. 429. [url= Cole (Cheryl)]Cheryl Cole (Cheryl)[/url] vs. [url= Kershaw]Lily Kershaw[/url]
  136. 430. [url=]Ciara[/url] vs. [url= Sandén]Molly Sandén[/url]
  137. 431. [url= Marie Nereng (Voe)]Emilie Marie Nereng (Voe)[/url] vs. [url= Gainsbourg]Charlotte Gainsbourg[/url]
  138. 432. [url= Lafourcade]Natalia Lafourcade[/url] vs. [url= Arnaert (ex-Hooverphonic)]Geike Arnaert (ex-Hooverphonic)[/url]
  139. 433. [url= Sundfřr]Susanne Sundfřr[/url] vs. [url= Auf der Maur]Melissa Auf der Maur[/url]
  140. 434. [url= Berger]Margaret Berger[/url] vs. [url= Doolittle]Eliza Doolittle[/url]
  141. 435. [url= Sturm (Flyleaf)]Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf)[/url] vs. [url= Weel Skram]Eva Weel Skram[/url]
  142. 436. [url= Charlotte Poland (Charlotte Sometimes)]Jessica Charlotte Poland (Charlotte Sometimes)[/url] vs. [url= Johnson]Jill Johnson[/url]
  143. 437. [url=]Kesha[/url] vs. [url= King (Sucre)]Stacy King (Sucre)[/url]
  144. 438. [url= Hilton]Paris Hilton[/url] vs. [url= Wright]Laura Wright[/url]
  145. 439. [url=Ólöf Arnalds]Ólöf Arnalds[/url] vs. [url= Simpson]Jessica Simpson[/url]
  146. 440. [url= Urbani]Samantha Urbani[/url] vs. [url= Johnsson]Ana Johnsson[/url]
  147. 441. [url= Rue]Lea Rue[/url] vs. [url= McHone]Carson McHone[/url]
  148. 442. [url= Woods (Danity Kane)]D. Woods (Danity Kane)[/url] vs. [url= Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)]Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)[/url]
  149. 443. [url= Maurus (Lissie)]Elisabeth Maurus (Lissie)[/url] vs. [url= Polachek (Chairlift)]Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)[/url]
  150. 444. [url=]Indiana[/url] vs. [url= Gassin]Emilie Gassin[/url]
  151. 445. [url= Simons]Eva Simons[/url] vs. [url= Braga]Alice Braga[/url]
  152. 446. [url= Carpenter]Sabrina Carpenter[/url] vs. [url= Mia]Pia Mia[/url]
  153. 447. [url= Knightley]Keira Knightley[/url] vs. [url= Pearson]Amy Pearson[/url]
  154. 448. [url=]Kerli[/url] vs. [url= Deschanel (She & Him)]Zooey Deschanel (She & Him)[/url]
  155. 449. [url= Hillebrand]Candice Hillebrand[/url] vs. [url= Stefani]Gwen Stefani[/url]
  156. 450. [url= Nadler]Marissa Nadler[/url] vs. [url= Brander]Annis Brander[/url]
  157. 451. [url= Marlow (Maddie & Tae)]Maddie Marlow (Maddie & Tae)[/url] vs. [url= Maloney]Heather Maloney[/url]
  158. 452. [url= Palmer]Keke Palmer[/url] vs. [url=óisín Murphy]Róisín Murphy[/url]
  159. 453. [url= Elektra]Carmen Elektra[/url] vs. [url= Sundli (Gĺte)]Gunnhild Sundli (Gĺte)[/url]
  160. 454. [url= Anne Poxleitner (Lights)]Valerie Anne Poxleitner (Lights)[/url] vs. [url= King (The Saturdays)]Mollie King (The Saturdays)[/url]
  161. 455. [url= Beiler]Nadine Beiler[/url] vs. [url=]MayKay[/url]
  162. 456. [url= Gardot]Melody Gardot[/url] vs. [url=]Nico[/url]
  163. 457. [url= Lee (Evanescence)]Amy Lee (Evanescence)[/url] vs. [url= De Witte (Raving George)]Charlotte De Witte (Raving George)[/url]
  164. 458. [url= Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker)]Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker)[/url] vs. [url= Kilbey (Say Lou Lou)]Miranda Kilbey (Say Lou Lou)[/url]
  165. 459. [url=éloďse Letissier (Christine and the Queens)]Héloďse Letissier (Christine and the Queens)[/url] vs. [url=]Evridiki[/url]
  166. 460. [url= Nova]Heather Nova[/url] vs. [url= Steiner (Boy)]Valeska Steiner (Boy)[/url]
  167. 461. [url= Lott]Pixie Lott[/url] vs. [url= Nicole Abrams (LIZ)]Elizabeth Nicole Abrams (LIZ)[/url]
  168. 462. [url= Ten Damme]Ellen Ten Damme[/url] vs. [url=émie Wolfs]Noémie Wolfs[/url]
  169. 463. [url=]Tinashe[/url] vs. [url= Paige]Jennifer Paige[/url]
  170. 464. [url= Stroup]Amy Stroup[/url] vs. [url= Le Havas]Lianne Le Havas[/url]
  171. 465. [url= Harris]Emmylou Harris[/url] vs. [url= Glynne]Jess Glynne[/url]
  172. 466. [url= Maggio]Veronica Maggio[/url] vs. [url= Korsakoff]DJ Korsakoff[/url]
  173. 467. [url= Sandino Moreno]Catalina Sandino Moreno[/url] vs. [url= Rabczewska]Dorota Rabczewska[/url]
  174. 468. [url= Ivey]Erin Ivey[/url] vs. [url= Kimmel]Kari Kimmel[/url]
  175. 469. [url= Harvey]PJ Harvey[/url] vs. [url= Porter]Alisan Porter[/url]
  176. 470. [url= Knutson]Venke Knutson[/url] vs. [url= Stepanivna Lyzjytsjko (Ruslana)]Roeslana Stepanivna Lyzjytsjko (Ruslana)[/url]
  177. 471. [url= Celeste (Nouvelle Vague)]Marina Celeste (Nouvelle Vague)[/url] vs. [url= Thornton (The Pussycat Dolls)]Melody Thornton (The Pussycat Dolls)[/url]
  178. 472. [url= Foster]Sutton Foster[/url] vs. [url= Fernandes]Collien Fernandes[/url]
  179. 473. [url= White (The White Stripes)]Meg White (The White Stripes)[/url] vs. [url= GaGa]Lady GaGa[/url]
  180. 474. [url=ülben Ergen]Gülben Ergen[/url] vs. [url= Xayalith (The Naked and Famous)]Alisa Xayalith (The Naked and Famous)[/url]
  181. 475. [url= Baxter (Black Honey)]Izzy Baxter (Black Honey)[/url] vs. [url= Aksnes]Aurora Aksnes[/url]
  182. 476. [url= Sierota (Echosmith)]Sydney Sierota (Echosmith)[/url] vs. [url= Johnson]Alexz Johnson[/url]
  183. 477. [url= Clark]Annie Clark[/url] vs. [url= (After School, Orange Caramel)]Nana (After School, Orange Caramel)[/url]
  184. 478. [url= Campbell]Naomi Campbell[/url] vs. [url= Graham]Kat Graham[/url]
  185. 479. [url= Spears]Britney Spears[/url] vs. [url= White (The Ting Tings)]Katie White (The Ting Tings)[/url]
  186. 480. [url= Spektor]Regina Spektor[/url] vs. [url= Buckle]Anne Buckle[/url]
  187. 481. [url= Rowsell (Wolf Alice)]Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice)[/url] vs. [url= James]Jessie James[/url]
  188. 482. [url=]Safura[/url] vs. [url= Legrand (Beach House)]Victoria Legrand (Beach House)[/url]
  189. 483. [url= Jorgensen (Katzenjammer)]Turid Jorgensen (Katzenjammer)[/url] vs. [url= Green]Emi Green[/url]
  190. 484. [url= Gault]Mackenzie Gault[/url] vs. [url= (Girls' Generation)]Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)[/url]
  191. 485. [url= Poulou (The Fall)]Elena Poulou (The Fall)[/url] vs. [url=]Anggun[/url]
  192. 486. [url= Obel]Agnes Obel[/url] vs. [url= Sparks]Jordin Sparks[/url]
  193. 487. [url= Woodward]Alexa Woodward[/url] vs. [url= Tonra (Daughter)]Elena Tonra (Daughter)[/url]
  194. 488. [url= Jones]Norah Jones[/url] vs. [url= Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary)]Mary Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary)[/url]
  195. 489. [url= Fraser]Brooke Fraser[/url] vs. [url=ée Daenen (DHT)]Edmée Daenen (DHT)[/url]
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