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  1. 1. [url= Bjerre]Sys Bjerre[/url] vs. [url= Winterson]Sofie Winterson[/url] vs. [url= Rimes]LeAnn Rimes[/url]
  2. 2. [url= Allen]Lily Allen[/url] vs. [url= Jenssen]Amanda Jenssen[/url] vs. [url= Lambert]Miranda Lambert[/url]
  3. 3. [url= Guldbrandsen]Christine Guldbrandsen[/url] vs. [url= Turner]Kreesha Turner[/url] vs. [url= Mitchell]Lisa Mitchell[/url]
  4. 4. [url= Reimold]Abi Reimold[/url] vs. [url= S]Astrid S[/url] vs. [url= Auf der Maur]Melissa Auf der Maur[/url]
  5. 5. [url= Dax]Danielle Dax[/url] vs. [url= of the North]Anna of the North[/url] vs. [url= Weiss (The Shangri-Las)]Mary Weiss (The Shangri-Las)[/url]
  6. 6. [url= Dico]Tina Dico[/url] vs. [url= Goulding]Ellie Goulding[/url] vs. [url= Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)]Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)[/url]
  7. 7. [url= Rose Banks]Jillian Rose Banks[/url] vs. [url= Mickwee (The Trishas)]Kelley Mickwee (The Trishas)[/url] vs. [url=élanie Laurent]Mélanie Laurent[/url]
  8. 8. [url= Johnson]Jill Johnson[/url] vs. [url= Marlette]Molly Marlette[/url] vs. [url= Lasoen]Isolde Lasoen[/url]
  9. 9. [url= Jane Struthers]Nora Jane Struthers[/url] vs. [url= Kibby (M83)]Morgan Kibby (M83)[/url] vs. [url= Mansour]Shadia Mansour[/url]
  10. 10. [url= Naďm]Yael Naďm[/url] vs. [url= Moorer]Alison Moorer[/url] vs. [url= Chojnacka (Magda)]Magdalena Chojnacka (Magda)[/url]
  11. 11. [url= Winston]Alex Winston[/url] vs. [url= Li]Lykke Li[/url] vs. [url= Jansen]Janine Jansen[/url]
  12. 12. [url= Shannon]Colleen Shannon[/url] vs. [url= Maria Vega]Carmen Maria Vega[/url] vs. [url= Lach]Iza Lach[/url]
  13. 13. [url= Ross]Diana Ross[/url] vs. [url= Nova]Heather Nova[/url] vs. [url= Offermans (Indian Askin)]Jasja Offermans (Indian Askin)[/url]
  14. 14. [url= Shah]Nadine Shah[/url] vs. [url=]Dido[/url] vs. [url= Mayberry (CHVRCHES)]Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES)[/url]
  15. 15. [url= Anne]Michaela Anne[/url] vs. [url= Paradis]Vanessa Paradis[/url] vs. [url= Lott]Pixie Lott[/url]
  16. 16. [url=]Rumer[/url] vs. [url= Ferreri]Giusy Ferreri[/url] vs. [url= Horler (Cascada)]Natalie Horler (Cascada)[/url]
  17. 17. [url= Davis (Singer)]Brittany Davis[/url] vs. [url= Brander]Annis Brander[/url] vs. [url=]Martika[/url]
  18. 18. [url= Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)]Loes Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)[/url] vs. [url= Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker)]Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker)[/url] vs. [url= Micarelli]Lucia Micarelli[/url]
  19. 19. [url= García Perrote (Hinds)]Ana García Perrote (Hinds)[/url] vs. [url= Dunham (QT)]Hayden Dunham (QT)[/url] vs. [url= Marling]Laura Marling[/url]
  20. 20. [url= Buckle]Anne Buckle[/url] vs. [url=]Sia[/url] vs. [url= DeLuna]Kat DeLuna[/url]
  21. 21. [url= Sursok]Tammin Sursok[/url] vs. [url= Persson]Nina Persson[/url] vs. [url= Ahern (Eaux)]Sian Ahern (Eaux)[/url]
  22. 22. [url= Mena]Maria Mena[/url] vs. [url= Shi]Tei Shi[/url] vs. [url= Glynne]Jess Glynne[/url]
  23. 23. [url=]Duffy[/url] vs. [url= Dors]Diana Dors[/url] vs. [url= Poulou]Eleni Poulou[/url]
  24. 24. [url= Stone]Joss Stone[/url] vs. [url= Lin (Semblant)]Mizuho Lin (Semblant)[/url] vs. [url= Dayne]Skylar Dayne[/url]
  25. 25. [url= Kusterbeck (VersaEmerge)]Sierra Kusterbeck (VersaEmerge)[/url] vs. [url= DeLange]Ilse DeLange[/url] vs. [url= Gilmore]Thea Gilmore[/url]
  26. 26. [url= Alexa]Kate Alexa[/url] vs. [url= Cosials (Hinds)]Carlotta Cosials (Hinds)[/url] vs. [url= Lynn]Laura Lynn[/url]
  27. 27. [url= van Ishtar]Soetkin van Ishtar[/url] vs. [url= Saunders (The Pipettes)]Gwenno Saunders (The Pipettes)[/url] vs. [url= Watkins]Sara Watkins[/url]
  28. 28. [url= Sinatra]Nancy Sinatra[/url] vs. [url= Minaj]Nicki Minaj[/url] vs. [url=éu]Céu[/url]
  29. 29. [url= Vincent]St. Vincent[/url] vs. [url=]Kelela[/url] vs. [url= Jaani]Getter Jaani[/url]
  30. 30. [url= Doorson]Sharon Doorson[/url] vs. [url= DeWall]Elske DeWall[/url] vs. [url= De Bolle]Lindsay De Bolle[/url]
  31. 31. [url= the Great]Emmy the Great[/url] vs. [url=]CALLmeKAT[/url] vs. [url= Haze]Angel Haze[/url]
  32. 32. [url=öksel]Göksel[/url] vs. [url= Lyng Haugen]Sandra Lyng Haugen[/url] vs. [url= Scott (TORRES)]Mackenzie Scott (TORRES)[/url]
  33. 33. [url= Ahn]Priscilla Ahn[/url] vs. [url= Halliwell (Spice Girls)]Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls)[/url] vs. [url= Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary)]Mary Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary)[/url]
  34. 34. [url=]Birdy[/url] vs. [url= Kaya]Okay Kaya[/url] vs. [url= Dione]Alyxx Dione[/url]
  35. 35. [url= No (Glass Candy)]Ida No (Glass Candy)[/url] vs. [url= Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)]Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)[/url] vs. [url= Penny (TOPS)]Jane Penny (TOPS)[/url]
  36. 36. [url= Lohan]Lindsay Lohan[/url] vs. [url= Muro (Savoir Adore)]Deidre Muro (Savoir Adore)[/url] vs. [url= Macdonald]Amy Macdonald[/url]
  37. 37. [url= McClarnon (Atomic Kitten)]Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten)[/url] vs. [url= Smit]Monique Smit[/url] vs. [url= Lilia Berge Strand (Annie)]Anne Lilia Berge Strand (Annie)[/url]
  38. 38. [url= Rose]Theo Rose[/url] vs. [url= Temnikova (Serebro)]Elena Temnikova (Serebro)[/url] vs. [url=]Madita[/url]
  39. 39. [url= Johnson]Alexz Johnson[/url] vs. [url= Styrke]Tove Styrke[/url] vs. [url= Kahn]Mikaela Kahn[/url]
  40. 40. [url= Buena (Sugababes)]Mutya Buena (Sugababes)[/url] vs. [url= Sutta (Pussycat Dolls)]Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls)[/url] vs. [url= Oxa]Anna Oxa[/url]
  41. 41. [url= Gillies]Elizabeth Gillies[/url] vs. [url= Cohen]Hannah Cohen[/url] vs. [url= Nouvion (Memoryhouse)]Denise Nouvion (Memoryhouse)[/url]
  42. 42. [url= Vroonland (PHOS)]Eveline Vroonland (PHOS)[/url] vs. [url= O'Day]Aubrey O'Day[/url] vs. [url= Kershaw]Lily Kershaw[/url]
  43. 43. [url= Slotboom (The Great Communicators)]Gaia Slotboom (The Great Communicators)[/url] vs. [url= Rose Thielen (The Head and the Heart)]Charity Rose Thielen (The Head and the Heart)[/url] vs. [url=]Mayte[/url]
  44. 44. [url=]Laleh[/url] vs. [url= Hoop]Jesca Hoop[/url] vs. [url= Matsumiya (Kayo Dot)]Mia Matsumiya (Kayo Dot)[/url]
  45. 45. [url= Daemion]Amiel Daemion[/url] vs. [url= Callens (Beauhouse)]Lissa Callens (Beauhouse)[/url] vs. [url= Rose Allen (Foxes)]Louisa Rose Allen (Foxes)[/url]
  46. 46. [url= Twain]Shania Twain[/url] vs. [url= Low]Lay Low[/url] vs. [url= Tesoro]Laura Tesoro[/url]
  47. 47. [url= Pope (Hey Monday)]Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday)[/url] vs. [url= Campbell]Naomi Campbell[/url] vs. [url= Hirasawa]Maia Hirasawa[/url]
  48. 48. [url= Dowdall]Leslie Dowdall[/url] vs. [url=óisín Murphy]Róisín Murphy[/url] vs. [url= and the Queens]Christine and the Queens[/url]
  49. 49. [url= Dahlberg]Sandra Dahlberg[/url] vs. [url= Watson (Hilary and Kate)]Hilary Watson (Hilary and Kate)[/url] vs. [url= Fisk]Schuyler Fisk[/url]
  50. 50. [url= Lee Lindberg (Warpaint)]Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint)[/url] vs. [url= Rose Sonenclar 2016]Carly Rose Sonenclar[/url] vs. [url= Roberts (Pussycat Dolls)]Ashley Roberts (Pussycat Dolls)[/url]
  51. 51. [url= J]Mila J[/url] vs. [url= Golan]Rosi Golan[/url] vs. [url= Sioux]Siouxsie Sioux[/url]
  52. 52. [url=]Harisu[/url] vs. [url= Partlow (The Love Willows)]Hope Partlow (The Love Willows)[/url] vs. [url= Lynne]Shelby Lynne[/url]
  53. 53. [url=ël Malli (Lunik)]Jaël Malli (Lunik)[/url] vs. [url= Shaw Taylor]Joanne Shaw Taylor[/url] vs. [url= E.]Sheila E.[/url]
  54. 54. [url= Fischer]Hero Fischer[/url] vs. [url= Marit Bergheim (Katzenjammer)]Anne Marit Bergheim (Katzenjammer)[/url] vs. [url= Kilcher]Jewel Kilcher[/url]
  55. 55. [url= Louisan]Annett Louisan[/url] vs. [url= Red]Axelle Red[/url] vs. [url= Evans]Faith Evans[/url]
  56. 56. [url=]Feist[/url] vs. [url= Jordi]Francine Jordi[/url] vs. [url= Glass (Crystal Castles)]Alice Glass (Crystal Castles)[/url]
  57. 57. [url= Wax]Kate Wax[/url] vs. [url=é Diaz (Ibeyi)]Lisa-Kaindé Diaz (Ibeyi)[/url] vs. [url= Syms]Sara Syms[/url]
  58. 58. [url= Gardot]Melody Gardot[/url] vs. [url= Banks]Tyra Banks[/url] vs. [url= Simms (Automatic Loveletter)]Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter)[/url]
  59. 59. [url= Bennett]Lauren Bennett[/url] vs. [url= Mosshart]Alison Mosshart[/url] vs. [url= Facal]Caracol Facal[/url]
  60. 60. [url= Stikoudi]Katerina Stikoudi[/url] vs. [url= Rossinelli]Anna Rossinelli[/url] vs. [url= Lewis]Jenny Lewis[/url]
  61. 61. [url= Őigemeel]Birgit Őigemeel[/url] vs. [url= Modja]Inna Modja[/url] vs. [url= Topley-Bird]Martina Topley-Bird[/url]
  62. 62. [url= Stepanivna Lyzjytsjko (Ruslana)]Roeslana Stepanivna Lyzjytsjko (Ruslana)[/url] vs. [url= Zapen]Rebecca Zapen[/url] vs. [url= Goldfrapp]Alison Goldfrapp[/url]
  63. 63. [url= Monáe]Janelle Monáe[/url] vs. [url= Hilton]Paris Hilton[/url] vs. [url= Star Tailes (Dev)]Devin Star Tailes (Dev)[/url]
  64. 64. [url= Ferreira]Sky Ferreira[/url] vs. [url= Ivarsson (The Sounds)]Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds)[/url] vs. [url= Weerdenburg (Miss Molly & Me)]Marlijn Weerdenburg (Miss Molly & Me)[/url]
  65. 65. [url=]Bojoura[/url] vs. [url= Carlile]Brandi Carlile[/url] vs. [url= Cyrus]Miley Cyrus[/url]
  66. 66. [url= Triana]Andreya Triana[/url] vs. [url= Govaert (Krezip)]Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip)[/url] vs. [url= Meyers]Krystal Meyers[/url]
  67. 67. [url= McCracken]Sandra McCracken[/url] vs. [url= Yousaf (Krewella)]Jahan Yousaf (Krewella)[/url] vs. [url= Calvi]Anna Calvi[/url]
  68. 68. [url= McHone]Carson McHone[/url] vs. [url= Marklund (September)]Petra Marklund (September)[/url] vs. [url= Carlton]Vanessa Carlton[/url]
  69. 69. [url= Bartel (Phantogram)]Sarah Bartel (Phantogram)[/url] vs. [url= Kiyoko]Hayley Kiyoko[/url] vs. [url= Griffiths]Jemma Griffiths (Jem)[/url]
  70. 70. [url= Kardashian]Kim Kardashian[/url] vs. [url=é Gallaway (Queen Kwong)]Carré Gallaway (Queen Kwong)[/url] vs. [url=]Brandy[/url]
  71. 71. [url= Merihlati (The Dř)]Olivia Merihlati (The Dř)[/url] vs. [url= Harding (The Zutons)]Abi Harding (The Zutons)[/url] vs. [url= (Girls' Generation)]TaeYeon (Girls' Generation)[/url]
  72. 72. [url= Wilde]Kim Wilde[/url] vs. [url= Sioux]Mariee Sioux[/url] vs. [url= Haines (Metric)]Emily Haines (Metric)[/url]
  73. 73. [url= V]Jasmine V[/url] vs. [url=éphanie Sokolinski (SoKo)]Stéphanie Sokolinski (SoKo)[/url] vs. [url= Kills]Natalia Kills[/url]
  74. 74. [url= Siem]Sasha Siem[/url] vs. [url= Milner (Makthaverskan)]Maja Milner (Makthaverskan)[/url] vs. [url=Ólöf Arnalds]Ólöf Arnalds[/url]
  75. 75. [url= Dietrich]Marlene Dietrich[/url] vs. [url=]Ciara[/url] vs. [url= Gomez]Selena Gomez[/url]
  76. 76. [url= Mumba]Samantha Mumba[/url] vs. [url= Lufkin]Caroline Lufkin[/url] vs. [url= Louise Origliasso (The Veronicas)]Jessica Louise Origliasso (The Veronicas)[/url]
  77. 77. [url= Masse]Heather Masse[/url] vs. [url= Bain (The Japanese House)]Amber Bain (The Japanese House)[/url] vs. [url= Scherzinger]Nicole Scherzinger[/url]
  78. 78. [url=]Grimes[/url] vs. [url= Korsakoff]DJ Korsakoff[/url] vs. [url= Michele]Lea Michele[/url]
  79. 79. [url=]Kerli[/url] vs. [url= Chaidez (Kitten)]Chloe Chaidez (Kitten)[/url] vs. [url= Lauer (Sandra)]Sandra Lauer (Sandra)[/url]
  80. 80. [url= Gibson]Debbie Gibson[/url] vs. [url= "Left Eye" Lopes]Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes[/url] vs. [url= Toma¨ević]Jelena Toma¨ević[/url]
  81. 81. [url= Kendrick]Anna Kendrick[/url] vs. [url= Schra]Janne Schra[/url] vs. [url=é Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)]Reneé Wijnhoven (Clean Pete)[/url]
  82. 82. [url= Easton]Sheena Easton[/url] vs. [url= Makino (Blonde Redhead)]Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead)[/url] vs. [url= Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja)]Lenna Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja)[/url]
  83. 83. [url= Deman (I Will, I Swear)]Fien Deman (I Will, I Swear)[/url] vs. [url= Elbert]Emily Elbert[/url] vs. [url= B (Spice Girls)]Mel B (Spice Girls)[/url]
  84. 84. [url=éloďse Letissier (Christine and the Queens)]Héloďse Letissier (Christine and the Queens)[/url] vs. [url= Maloney]Heather Maloney[/url] vs. [url= Fernandes]Collien Fernandes[/url]
  85. 85. [url= Shires]Amanda Shires[/url] vs. [url= Hervey (Lion Babe)]Jillian Hervey (Lion Babe)[/url] vs. [url= Nicks]Stevie Nicks[/url]
  86. 86. [url= Rivera]Naya Rivera[/url] vs. [url= Newton]Mika Newton[/url] vs. [url= Fernandez]Luisa Fernandez[/url]
  87. 87. [url= Kimmel]Kari Kimmel[/url] vs. [url= Welch (Florence + the Machine)]Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine)[/url] vs. [url=]MayKay[/url]
  88. 88. [url= Simon]Carly Simon[/url] vs. [url=]Rebekah[/url] vs. [url= Loeb]Lisa Loeb[/url]
  89. 89. [url= Rowsell (Wolf Alice)]Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice)[/url] vs. [url= Runga]Bic Runga[/url] vs. [url=]Loreen[/url]
  90. 90. [url= Underwood]Carrie Underwood[/url] vs. [url= Hackman]Marika Hackman[/url] vs. [url= G]Becky G[/url]
  91. 91. [url= Polachek (Chairlift)]Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)[/url] vs. [url= Houston]Whitney Houston[/url] vs. [url= Welch (The Trishas)]Savannah Welch (The Trishas)[/url]
  92. 92. [url=]Fergie[/url] vs. [url= Apple]Fiona Apple[/url] vs. [url= Bareilles]Sara Bareilles[/url]
  93. 93. [url= Rabczewska]Dorota Rabczewska[/url] vs. [url= King (Sucre)]Stacy King (Sucre)[/url] vs. [url= Marie Cyr]Anne Marie Cyr[/url]
  94. 94. [url=ée Daenen (DHT)]Edmée Daenen (DHT)[/url] vs. [url= Benoist]Melissa Benoist[/url] vs. [url= Zutrau (Wet)]Kelly Zutrau (Wet)[/url]
  95. 95. [url=ë Howl]Chloë Howl[/url] vs. [url= Lee (CL)]Chaelin Lee (CL)[/url] vs. [url= Gault]Mackenzie Gault[/url]
  96. 96. [url= Germano]Lisa Germano[/url] vs. [url= Madley Croft (The xx)]Romy Madley Croft (The xx)[/url] vs. [url= Pallot]Nerina Pallot[/url]
  97. 97. [url=]Anouk[/url] vs. [url= Jorgensen (Katzenjammer)]Turid Jorgensen (Katzenjammer)[/url] vs. [url=]Tinashe[/url]
  98. 98. [url= Sue]Selah Sue[/url] vs. [url= Fossi]Elena Fossi[/url] vs. [url=]Sirah[/url]
  99. 99. [url= Kenemans (Rapid Decompression)]Wytske Kenemans (Rapid Decompression)[/url] vs. [url= Jane]Cilla Jane[/url] vs. [url= James (Purity Ring)]Megan James (Purity Ring)[/url]
  100. 100. [url= Minogue]Kylie Minogue[/url] vs. [url= Clark]Annie Clark[/url] vs. [url= Tequila]Tila Tequila[/url]
  101. 101. [url= Emerald]Caro Emerald[/url] vs. [url=]Dewi[/url] vs. [url= Fatah]Chopy Fatah[/url]
  102. 102. [url= Lopez]Jennifer Lopez[/url] vs. [url= Sandé]Emeli Sandé[/url] vs. [url= Fältskog (ABBA)]Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA)[/url]
  103. 103. [url= Boman]Alice Boman[/url] vs. [url= Beckham (Spice Girls)]Victoria Beckham (Spice Girls)[/url] vs. [url= Vandi]Despina Vandi[/url]
  104. 104. [url= Badu]Erkyah Badu[/url] vs. [url= Rhodes (Lamb)]Lou Rhodes (Lamb)[/url] vs. [url= Amundsen]Frida Amundsen[/url]
  105. 105. [url= Azalea]Iggy Azalea[/url] vs. [url= Leaneagh (Poliça)]Channy Leaneagh (Poliça)[/url] vs. [url= Hair (Red Sky July)]Charity Hair (Red Sky July)[/url]
  106. 106. [url= Park]Megan Park[/url] vs. [url= Oleena]Sea Oleena[/url] vs. [url= Öhrn (Oh Laura)]Frida Öhrn (Oh Laura)[/url]
  107. 107. [url= Philippo]Leona Philippo[/url] vs. [url= B]Katy B[/url] vs. [url= Ballerini]Kelsea Ballerini[/url]
  108. 108. [url= Garner (The Fauns)]Alison Garner (The Fauns)[/url] vs. [url= Coffman]Amber Coffman[/url] vs. [url= Christina Hesketh (Little Boots)]Victoria Christina Hesketh (Little Boots)[/url]
  109. 109. [url= Bettinson (Ultraísta)]Laura Bettinson (Ultraísta)[/url] vs. [url= Brandao]Fernanda Brandao[/url] vs. [url= Geuze]Monica Geuze[/url]
  110. 110. [url= Phair]Liz Phair[/url] vs. [url= Arredondo]Maria Arredondo[/url] vs. [url=˝ur de Pirate]C˝ur de Pirate[/url]
  111. 111. [url= Fernandes]Paula Fernandes[/url] vs. [url= Barnett]Courtney Barnett[/url] vs. [url= Bex]Shannon Bex[/url]
  112. 112. [url= Macomber (Young Ejecta)]Leanne Macomber (Young Ejecta)[/url] vs. [url= Stroup]Amy Stroup[/url] vs. [url= Willis]Kelly Willis[/url]
  113. 113. [url=]IU[/url] vs. [url= Paz (The Last Internationale)]Delila Paz (The Last Internationale)[/url] vs. [url= Wheeler (The Sundays)]Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays)[/url]
  114. 114. [url= Lunoe]Anna Lunoe[/url] vs. [url= Etti]Eda-Ines Etti[/url] vs. [url= B (Division Kent)]Andrea B (Division Kent)[/url]
  115. 115. [url= Hudson]Jennifer Hudson[/url] vs. [url= Pearson]Amy Pearson[/url] vs. [url= Paparizou]Helena Paparizou[/url]
  116. 116. [url=ďs Delva]Anaďs Delva[/url] vs. [url= Nunes]Julia Nunes[/url] vs. [url= Samay]Soluna Samay[/url]
  117. 117. [url= Nettles]Jennifer Nettles[/url] vs. [url= Kurkela]Johanna Kurkela[/url] vs. [url= Hart]Alex Hart[/url]
  118. 118. [url= LaCazio]Anna LaCazio[/url] vs. [url= Lee]Jacquie Lee[/url] vs. [url= Troy (Deep Vally)]Lindsey Troy (Deep Vally)[/url]
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  120. 120. [url= GaGa]Lady GaGa[/url] vs. [url= Diamond]Hannah Diamond[/url] vs. [url= Capristo]Mandy Capristo[/url]
  121. 121. [url= Hansen (Tine)]Christine Hansen (Tine)[/url] vs. [url= Urbani]Samantha Urbani[/url] vs. [url= Hardin]Alina Hardin[/url]
  122. 122. [url= Danielle Oona Valbak]Medina Danielle Oona Valbak[/url] vs. [url= Druyts (Natalia)]Natalia Druyts (Natalia)[/url] vs. [url=]Leki[/url]
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  125. 125. [url= Wagner (Blümchen)]Jasmin Wagner (Blümchen)[/url] vs. [url= Lindén (I Break Horses)]Maria Lindén (I Break Horses)[/url] vs. [url= Rae]Jasmine Rae[/url]
  126. 126. [url= Blackwood]Sarah Blackwood[/url] vs. [url= Volkova (t.A.T.u.)]Julia Volkova (t.A.T.u.)[/url] vs. [url= Diaz (Ibeyi)]Naomi Diaz (Ibeyi)[/url]
  127. 127. [url= Legrand (Beach House)]Victoria Legrand (Beach House)[/url] vs. [url= van der Woude]Ella van der Woude[/url] vs. [url= Lorak]Ani Lorak[/url]
  128. 128. [url= Stone]Julia Stone[/url] vs. [url=éad O'Connor]Sinéad O'Connor[/url] vs. [url= Geronimo]Sarah Geronimo[/url]
  129. 129. [url= Dina Kongerud]Caroline Dina Kongerud[/url] vs. [url= Case]Neko Case[/url] vs. [url= De Amicis (Loredana)]Loredana De Amicis (Loredana)[/url]
  130. 130. [url= Arnaert (ex-Hooverphonic)]Geike Arnaert (ex-Hooverphonic)[/url] vs. [url= DeAraugo]Kate DeAraugo[/url] vs. [url= Miller]Misty Miller[/url]
  131. 131. [url= Silvas]Lucie Silvas[/url] vs. [url= Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)]Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)[/url] vs. [url= Carlsson]Robyn Carlsson[/url]
  132. 132. [url= Jackson]Janet Jackson[/url] vs. [url= Johnson]Kimbra Johnson[/url] vs. [url= Grankvist]Therese Grankvist[/url]
  133. 133. [url= Fox]Samantha Fox[/url] vs. [url= Kim]Sandra Kim[/url] vs. [url= Lee Richards]Miranda Lee Richards[/url]
  134. 134. [url= Aiello (Frankee)]Nicole Aiello (Frankee)[/url] vs. [url= Kroes]Mirella Kroes[/url] vs. [url= Blufpand]Roos Blufpand[/url]
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