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'm nt jealous. I want to met a seriu man... (:
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  1. ell
  2. Prhap m msag i to ecif.
  3. ut m older tr fund  wnderful mn hr nd they hve  grt rltinhp, but what abut me?
  4.  am 23 yar old, Ank, from th zeh Rublic, knw nglh language als
  5. nd... btter to ay it immedatel. I am bsxual. I am not lus f another womn... secilly f w mk love togthr.
  6. Ah es, I ok ver taty! nd  lv not only ok ;))
  7. m real girl and lokng fr riou and ht relatinh...
  8. nwa, you can find m prfle hr: