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  1. A surreal anecdote:
  3. I was once walking through a dense forest when I came across a tree with
  4. a human face. It was a very strange sight, and I stood there for a
  5. moment, wondering if I was seeing things. But then the tree spoke to me,
  6. in a soft, gentle voice, and asked me for help.
  8. I was so startled that I didn't know what to say. I just stood there,
  9. gaping at the talking tree. Finally, I managed to stammer out a
  10. question: "What do you need help with?"
  12. The tree explained that it was very old and was struggling to stay
  13. alive. It asked me to help it by giving it a hug.
  15. So I did. I wrapped my arms around the tree and gave it a big hug. And
  16. as I did, I felt a surge of energy flow from me into the tree. The tree
  17. seemed to stand a little taller, and its leaves began to rustle in the
  18. breeze.
  20. It thanked me then, in its soft, gentle voice, and I went on my way,
  21. feeling like I had just helped to save a life.